Youngest Wildlife Photographer of India – Jivitesh Singh

We have mentioned this earlier and we say it again – Wildlife photography for us is the toughest form of photography. We say this because in all other forms of photography, the subject is either in your control or is immobile to a certain extent. The conditions in which you photograph of course matter, but nevertheless it can also be controlled to some extent. But Wildlife is totally different. The subject is movable, at times very dangerous and completely unpredictable. It won’t bow down to your wishes, rather you have to tune yourself according to their conditions, also keeping in mind that they cannot be disturbed and should be given full comfort in their natural habitat. That what makes this genre of photography all the more challenging.

And this challenge and thrill is exactly what our young champion Jivitesh Singh sought when he took up Wildlife photography as his passion. Yes you heard that right! This 12-year-old little guy holds the title for Being the YOUNGEST WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER IN INDIA. Not only does he hold many awards and titles to his fame already, he is really dedicated to his work and is an extremely good photographer. He manages his studies and passion equally well.

WeekendTrivia caught up with the young guy and learned more about him. Read on to know more about the life and works of Jivitesh

WT- Introduce yourself

Jivitesh – I am Jivitesh Singh, age 12, from Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. I am a student of class VIII of SLSDAV Public School, Mausam Vihar, Delhi.

WT- What are your hobbies? How were you introduced to photography?

Jivitesh – Hobbies are Wildlife photography especially birding. My father, Dr. Vikram Singh who is also doing wildlife photography, used to take me with him to the forests since I was 2 years old. He gifted me a camera when I touched 4 years of age and from there onwards I started clicking.

WT- Why did you choose wildlife photography? How does it fascinate you?

Jivitesh – It’s a good feeling when I am in forest and with birds. They teach us every moment how to live, how to behave and many more thing including joint family benefits and many more.

©Jivitesh Singh

WT- What lens do you use for wildlife photography?

Jivitesh – There are many which I own. I use Nikon camera for photography and lens I have 150-500 sigma, 150-600 Tamron, 50-500 sigma, 70-300 Nikon and a few others.

WT- Till now, which places have you visited for photography?

Jivitesh – Till date I have covered many Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks, Birds sanctuaries and wetlands in different parts of the country and abroad for this passion.

Some of the prominent places that I have visited includes:

  • Bandhavgarh National Park,
  • Panna National Park,
  • Kanha National Park,
  • Ranthambore National Park,
  • Okhla Bird Sanctuary,
  • Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary,
  • Surajpur Bird Sanctuary,
  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary,
  • Velavadar National Park,
  • Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary,
  • Thol Bird Sanctuary,
  • Little Rann of Kutch National Park,
  • Great Rann of Kutch,
  • Akola Bird Sanctuary,
  • Dumna Nature Reserve,
  • Sariska National Park,
  • Sattal, Chopta and many birding places of Uttarakhand,
  • Chidiya tapu,
  • Mount Harriat,
  • Diglipur,
  • Mayabunder,
  • Dhani nallah,
  • Long island,
  • Havelock Island,
  • Neil Island and many other parts of Andaman,
  • Chandlai Lake, Jaipur
  • Barkheda pond, Jaipur
  • Gir National Park, Gujarat
  • Black Buck National Park, Velavadar,
  • Khijariya Bird Sanctuary, Jamnagar,
  • Rani Durgawati Wildlife sanctuary,
  • Chhevla talab, Madhya Pradesh
  • Pench National Park,
  • Churna wildlife sanctuary,
  • Madhai wildlife sanctuary,
  • Pachhmarchi
  • Van Vihar, Bhopal
  • Sattal wildlife area,
  • Corbett National Park,
  • Pariyat reserve, Jabalpur
  • Payali forest area
  • Budhan Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
  • Nandan Kanan Van
  • Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Area of Leh n Ladakh, and many more National Parks, bird sanctuaries, birding places and wetlands including Coorg, Bangalore, Masinaguri and many more places in India and nearby countries as well..

WT- How do manage time between your studies and photography?

Jivitesh – I usually go for photography in weekend and in vacations so this way I manage.

WT- Since your special choice of photography is birding, what difficulties do you face while capturing birds?

Jivitesh – When doing birding, there are a few rules which you have to follow strictly –

Never ever disturb them. Never try to be so close to them. Wear dark colours while going into the forest.
In bird photography, we face lot of difficulties. First of all we have to search the bird which we
are about to click. We have to search for days and days. And once we have found it, we are not allowed to go near to them as they feel intimidated.
Most of the time we have to wait for hours and hours at a single place after spotting them at a particular area (sometimes we have to go there for many day or may be weeks) to get a picture.
The area where bird stays may not be that much good. It can be muddy and there is fear of snakes as well. There are many other difficulties we have to face in this field.

WT- Tell us about your achievements or special awards?

Jivitesh – As Described:

  • His work is published in many newspapers/magazines from time to time.
  • He participated and got selected in 3rd National Art Exhibition, 2017 at all India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, Rafi Marg, New Delhi. Wherein many big personalities from all over India visited the exhibition and appreciated his work.
  • He participated in the group art exhibition 2018 in New Delhi and won gold medal in that..
  • Received a letter of appreciation by Director General, NIA, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Govt. of India. Photos of Jivitesh were displayed in NIA headquarter building, which was inaugurated by hon’ble Home Minister of India and his work was highly appreciated by the distinguished guests from all over the country and from various depts. The photos are permanently displayed in the headquarters.
  • He humbly donated all those pictures to NIA as a token of love for the soldiers of our country..
  • Received award as Youngest Wildlife Photographer of India by India Book of Records.
  • Name is enlisted in assist Book of World Record as the youngest birder..
  • The Global Records and Research Foundation a ‘premier records processing authority’ in the field of standardization, uniformity and measurement of records globally has awarded him as a youngest wildlife photographer.
  • Received Pearl of Nation Award in the field of wildlife photography.
  • Recently his interview as Youngest Wildlife Photographer of India was telecast on Doordarshan National Channel on 3rd march, 2019 for which he got many calls from all over the country and abroad who blessed him on his achievements.

WT – Share with us your most special photograph amongst all that you’ve shot.

Jivitesh – Nothing as such about special photograph. There are many special photographs. It depends on how much time it took to capture a single desired resulted pic, special moment and special bird so accordingly the pics are special. Sometimes we have to wait for hours and hours and sometime we have to visit again and again for weeks to get one particular shot of a particular bird so definition of special photograph is according to this.

©Jivitesh Singh

WT- What plans do you have in future for regarding photography? Do you want to take it up as your profession?

Jivitesh – Yes, will love to take this up as full time profession too in the future. Photography is just like fresh breath of life to the body. It gives an eternal happiness whenever we are in field. It’s a challenging one. As birds are not stable, they keep on moving from here to there and their speed
is hundred times less than a second so it’s a challenge every time to click a good shot of birds. But it provides absolute happiness whenever I am with them and whenever we get one good shot, it gives us prized happiness.

WT- Who do you want to thank for your success?

Jivitesh – First of all my father, Dr. Vikram Singh, also doing wildlife photography, who guided me from the very beginning, spared his time for my passion, took me to various places and introduced me to this heaven.

I am also very thankful to my mom, Simran Kaur who is also there always and encourages me. Whenever we have to go out in early hours in the morning at 2am she prepares foods and arranged all other things for us. She has supported me always.

I am thankful to all other person related to this field, persons related to forest dept. and from the field of birding n wildlife photography who has helped me always, encouraged me, appreciated my work, motivated me always, including Anil Nagar, Jagdish Jatiya, Ashok Kumar, Kalpalatha Rajan, Christographer, Yogesh Chauhan, Shivanand Salimath, Dev Raj Kaushal, Manish Sharma, Raj Chauhan and many more..

I am thankful to the media, newspapers, TV channels etc. for their support and encouragement.

WT- Lastly, give a special message to those who are new to wildlife and bird photography.

Jivitesh – I welcome them to this unique world. You will not only enjoy every second here but also u will be benefited in other ways too. Which includes your health, joint moments etc. In this field you have to learn how to behave when you are in forest, when you are doing birding you have to follow the rules, not to disturb them at any cost. When you are coming in this field please note that you are entering in their place where they reside so never try to disturb them. Every second is a struggle for them and survival is difficult but still they live and give us the lesson how we should live and let others live. Let them live the way they want in their own way.

Saving the birds and their habitats is our mission and we are dedicated for this.

This vibrant young lad has won our hearts not only by his immense talents and eager, enthusiastic nature but also by the fact that at such a tender afe he realises the value of Birds and animals. He urges the world in general to save and conserve our wildlife and forests. He understands the nuances of nature. He uplifts and upholds the values of nature. Such kind of youth is necessary for our future generations to come.

Our team is very proud of you Jivitesh and wishes you all the very best and good luck for all your endeavours. May you achieve even more success and continue to grow more.

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