Let the Cricket World Cup Fever Begin!!!

The ICC Cricket World Cup is almost upon us and as Cricket fever, hype and frenzy gets over us, WeekendTrivia helps you to set the mood right with some Street Cricket or Gully Cricket Photography.As the madness begins and we start cheering for India, let us go Chak De India!

Before we begin, We have a special guest feature amongst us. It is none other than Rick Segall of our most favorite reaction channel on YouTube – Our Stupid Reactions. We are immensely grateful and honoured Rick, that you could take out time and share your experience with us.

If you haven’t been following them (Rick and Korbin) on YouTube then you are really missing out on one of the best things in the Tube. We are linking their channel and Instagram profiles here. Make sure you follow them and be a part of the Stupid Baby Family

YouTubeOur Stupid Reactions

Instagram@ricksegall ; @korbinmiles

Rick Segall

Prior to Our Stupid Reactions, The only thing any of us knew about cricket is that it was a popular sport outside of the United States and that it was the sport from where our major-league baseball was born. But the moment stupid babies (that’s what our subscribers like/want to be called) started begging us to learn cricket, we had to. Whatever stupid babies want, stupid babies get!

For me, it was really easy to get into it because it is so similar to baseball and I played baseball as a kid and then in college (it’s my favorite sport). Micah played baseball as well and the Korbin never played baseball he’s a very good athlete and can pick up any sport easily. Look at that bowling form of Korbin’s!!! And if you look closely, you will see the ball I have hit at the top of the picture! Woohoo!!!

Learning it and playing it has been a lot of fun and we are really looking forward to learning more and actually getting to play a game someday. In the meantime, we know enough now to actually understand what’s going on which is exactly what we wanted to do before the World Cup started so we could be watching and rooting for India with India.!

#jaihind . So, yes, we are going to be watching and paying very close attention!

Vineet Sharma

Hi, this is Vineet Sharma working as a Chief Accounts Executive in a Company also working for 3 foreign country’s Tourist Journals as photographer. Road adventure & photography is my hobby and madness.

Cricket is a religion in Varanasi and for any kid, street cricket is a ritual which just cannot be ignored.
Even now in a prominently digital age, cricket on the streets is still a popular sight. However, make no mistake, what made our childhood memorable was not the game itself but how we played.
Street cricket had its own set of unique rules and that’s what made our childhood memorable.
Nowadays in summer vacations kids are busy in street crickets, because here in Varanasi so many tournaments organized by the street club for entertainment purposes and betterment of kids.

Varanasi, India

Rupam Saha

Hi.. My name is Rupam Saha, Professionally I’m a software developer based in Kolkata.. I’m doing photography since 2016 & what I mostly shoot are Streets, urban life, festivals & urban architectures.. The city Kolkata always plays a big part in my photos..

Just like any other part of India, cricket is a hugely popular game in Kolkata (along with football)..& in these photos I tried to capture the spirit of cricket which you can see in early morning at Maidan.. 

Maidan, Kolkata

Pradeep Raja

Hi ! this is Pradeep Raja  from Madras, a student and a Photographer.

So this picture was taken in Besant Nagar beach, Chennai. This was on a Sunday morning, it was great to watch boys playing cricket. I just thought I would capture this moment. 

Besant Nagar beach, Chennai.

Santanu Roy

I am Santanu Roy. I enjoy doing Street photography.

Picture Location: Maidan Ground, Kolkata.

Cricket is the heartbeat of our nation & street cricket is one of the most untapped form of those beats. It starts from the streets, play grounds and sometimes glimpses are seen even in the classroom. Kolkata Maidan is one of such big play ground in Kolkata. This urban greenery is the zest of Kolkatan cricket talents. People here come to practice over this undisturbed green land at the lungs of the big city. Maidan belongs every street cricket lover and viewer.

Maidan Ground, Kolkata

Somjit Ghosh

My interest in photography started ever since I learnt to use my father’s analog Kodak KB10 camera. As a child, watching my father’s interest in photography helped me nurture my own. In the midst of the daily toil of the market, while being engaged in my family business, photography brings me my most needed respite. Capturing the ordinary life around me, in its extraordinary beauty – that’s what makes every day worth it. I have always wanted to tell stories, be it my own, or of the places I go to. Pictures are what I use to weave them. Having turned the dream into passion, although I experiment with multiple devices, yet I try to retain in myself the child-like wonder from my Kodak days.

I clicked this picture while roaming around Burrabazar on a Sunday morning. In the generally bustling area near Mullick Ghat, few children engrossed in a fun game of cricket grabbed my attention. Perhaps this picture was my way of capturing the essence of cricket in Kolkata. 

Mullick Ghat, Kolkata

Sunit Biswas

I am Sunit Biswas from Murshidabad, West Bengal. I am a civil service aspirant and I love photography. I like to tell story through my photographs.

I took these shots a month ago. I was heading to my home that day and got stopped by the game. And couldn’t stop myself from joining them. As I wasn’t carrying my camera, I captured some moments with my phone. 

Murshidabad, West Bengal

Dipayan Dey

This is Dipayan Dey . I am an Electical Engg by profession and photographer by passion. I love to take pictures of things that I love. So which started as a hobby become a second profession now. I am doing professional wedding photography for about four years now. 

The shared picture is taken at Maidan back in Chrismas 2018 with my first ever camera of my life Canon 1200 d. 

Maidan Ground, Kolkata

Dr. Swagatam Bakshi

Myself Dr Swagatam Baksi. I am a doctor by profession and have a sheer passion for photography. I dont call myself a photographer rather a guy with a camera and slight knowledge.


This picture was taken at Benaras. 

Varanasi, India

Sayantan Samaddar

I’m a street and travel photography enthusiast from Asansol who is in love with Kolkata being a non-kolkatan. Featured and published on various blogs, websites and magazines across the world. Working in a corporate for last 2 years and pursuing the passion.

In Kolkata the love for cricket is as evident as the love for football. We can see people playing gully cricket across the city, various cricket coaching clubs and numerous number of people playing cricket at Maidan or Rabindra Sarobar. As the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 comes near, the Kolkatans are as equally excited as other other people of this country as cricket is not just a sport for us, it’s a religion here


So here’s our tribute to the upcoming Tournament. Cannot wait to enjoy the games.

Tell us your favourites for the Cup!

Cover Picture by : Sayantan Samaddar

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