Freeze a Moment- Still Life Photography

Photographers are essentially capturers of a single moment which they can freeze in time. But seeing stories in everyday objects, conceptualizing them and letting them speak even being inanimate is the art and beauty of Still-Life Photography. When captured with the true essence, Still-Life Photography becomes a breathtaking moment to behold. They are just like paintings on a digital canvas, they breathe life into the non-living…

Behold some of the finest examples of Still-Life Photography with WeekendTrivia

Special Feature:

Ashraful Arefin

Ashraful Arefin is a fine arts photographer born and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ashraful was always very interested in drawing and painting and wanted to be an artist from his childhood. Ashraful was photographically born in 2013 when he started doing a 365 photography project, and completely fell in love with photography and found his true passion for it. Within his photographic frame, Ashraful tries to show the beauty of ordinary moments which is often ignored in plain sight. He tries to capture a moment which allows the viewers to see the regular world as a place to dream, to appreciate the simple beautiful moments around us. His works has been published for brands like Nikon, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Condé Nast Traveller Uk and got featured on BoredPanda, PetaPixel, Buzzfeed, Daily Mirror, Lonely Planet etc.

I have been always an admirer of objects and still life even before I started doing photography. I used to collect old stuff and things like bottles, old miniature cars etc. It fascinates me that I can create a certain mood or story without even using people. In every single thing, there is a sense of human presence, emotions, and stories and that inspires me to create still life images.
For me, it’s all about seeing the usual things with a different perspective. Most of the times I use objects which are used and old, for me they already got a story. Also, I get inspirations from fairy tales and fantasy movies, and off course from classic paintings. I just take a simple element from everyday life and imagine how I can add magic to it, and this practice gives me a whole new bunch of ideas.

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Aniket Ghorai

Hi !! My name is Aniket Ghorai. I live in Midnapore.
I am a student of English honors and with a focus on being a photographer. I generally like street photography. For me, photography is an art form, where I can really express my thoughts, feelings. Photography means you try to capture one perfect moment or one perfect situation to tell the story in exactly one frame.
I started photography 2 years ago and besides the street photography, I also like some conceptual photographs, which have some deep sense of meaning. 
Still life photography is a very exciting genre to explore, anyone can be creative with daily objects when one starts exploring still life, ordinary things became extraordinary. I just tried to make beautiful images with daily life objects, it helps me to think a little bit more differently.

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© Aniket Ghorai

Selva Kumar

I was born in Idaikal, a small village near Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu. I grew up watching nature mostly, where the trees and the birds and the water streams flourished. The most sophisticated scene in our village used to be the Ambassador car that would come through the streets every now and then, and as kids, we used to chase it until we could. Life was a lot simpler back then when Apple was just a fruit and happiness was not a pursuit but a norm. Eventually, when I studied and sprouted out to the metro cities for my job, I found a major shift happening inside. Life was not the same anymore. There was pain, agony, jealousy, jeopardy, competition, wants and more – all in the name of the pursuit of happiness. But is not happiness a state of mind rather than a reward to be earned? I strongly believe life is much beyond that. I trust it is the little things that we miss out on, that adds up to make the real sense of happiness in life. Little things that are not attached to any agenda or outcome or acknowledgment… little things that nature and love bring to life. It is high time that we introspect and retrospect this aspect, to understand the role of little things in our life related to our roots that we continuously ignore. My project is an attempt to bring together my understanding of happiness and priorities in life, and how a life aligned with nature and travel will sort out a lot of things, seamlessly.

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© Selva Kumar

Lori Cook

I’m still life photographer based in Ottawa Ontario. I started photography about 15 years ago. Photographing weddings and family portraits.

This past year I have found my true passion for photography – still life. I always love creating new ideas and I’m always on the lookout for New props.

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© Lori Cook

Sayantani Basu

Hi, this is Sayantani Basu from Kolkata, India. A librarian by profession and a photographer by passion. Still life photography is more of an idea then the technique. If you can think of a story, you will find a way to tell it. Like in this picture i was trying to create wind, so I let the leaves fall upon the car. But yes in still life yo must know how to use post processing software like Photoshop or Lightroom or PicsArt etc otherwise you can’t have the punch in your story. To find out my other work do follow me on Instagram @the_pictures_i_took

© Sayantani Basu


Hi, my name is Vicka and my Instagram account name is Vickazy. I’m an elementary school teacher and my hobby is photography. I like the genre. Especially still life. And some of my works have been featured in several accounts at home and abroad. Very happy if people appreciate my work. Thank you.

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© Vickazy

Priyanka Suman

Presently studying in class XII at a Kolkata school and preparing for next year’s board examination, my early childhood days were spent with dolls and soft toys like many other girls. But along with those dolls I grew up with lots of diecast scale model cars around me as my father is a diecast scale model collector. So I was allowed to play with some cheaper models too during that period. As I grew up my fascination for these scale models increased with each passing day. I came to know many interesting stories about the history of these beautiful cars from my father. And I gradually fell in love with these scale models while my dolls went quietly inside the cupboards.
When I took to Instagram, I used to post random pictures taken by me with the help of my mom’s mobile phone. Then my father suggested why not share pictures of diecast cars on Instagram! And from then on my journey as a diecast photographer started on Instagram. I still take my photos with my mom’s mobile, at times going outdoor locations and most of the time on our rooftop, and post them in Instagram after editing a bit.
Achievements: I should consider myself quite honored and lucky to get my posted images featured in Instagram communities like @thisiskolkata, @calcutta_aesthetics,@universe_photogram, @gallery_of_india and many more. But my biggest achievement so far came three months back when my diecast scale model photography got featured in DriveTribe, the automotive online community platform in an article titled “5 More Diecast Photographers You Need to Follow On Instagram” written by Scott Nadeau and posted into Mini Motors Tribe under Hobby Section of the DriveTribe. 
As I’m equally honored to be allowed to submit my scale model photography at your community for consideration.

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©Priyanka Suman

Virgin Khanikor Gogoi

I, Mrs. Virgin Khanikor Gogoi, a dweller of Assam, a mother of 7 yr old boy, a homemaker and a home Baker by profession took up still life photography just as a hobby. Though I am very passionate about capturing photos. Due to my limited source of exploring places, I took up still life photography as my genre. My idea was to still life photography was that, Whatever I get in my surroundings be it a very simple subject, I want to beautify its look by giving some dramatic composition. And moreover I feel where I stay people’s perspective regarding photography is that it’s should be either landscape,  portrait or street and my motive later was to show them that even who are interested in photography can take up this medium staying at home and can achieve and pursue it as their hobby or passion.

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©Virgin Photography

Meyta Putri

I  am an employee and mother of 2 children from Indonesia who are very enthusiastic about the art of photography..

I really like flowers, flowers are my favorite object in still life photography. I deepen still life photography with the motivation to capture its beauty while making it tell stories in 2D. Still life photography also makes me play with imagination and composition to build an atmosphere that fits the concept that I want.
Initially, photography was just an activity to fill my free time, now I am trusted to take pictures of some brand products that have indeed become easier to do with the still life photography experience that I have experienced.

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©Meyeta Putri

Avijit Sadhu

Hello, I’m Avijit, a Fine Art Still Life Photographer based in Kolkata, India, born in April 16th, in the year when the first book of Harry Potter was published for the first time.
I started my photography journey in 2018. I never went to a photography or art school. At that time, like many others, I also didn’t know what type of photography I’d do, but I always liked those kinds of photographs which had a story and an artistic vision in it. It always attracts me and eventually, I ended up creating content based on my visualizations, concepts and giving it the look I imagined. As soon as I started, I felt only photographs won’t be enough for me to express and execute my visions. There’re other important things like colors, lighting, editing skills, etc. So, I learned autodidactically by analysing famous photographers’ works, watching YouTube videos and then by trial & error process until I get what I was looking for. And that’s it. It’s not been a year also, I have a lot of things to learn and many more things to achieve and a long way to go.
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©Avijit Sadhu

Nisha Dutta

Hey, It’s Nisha. I live somewhere in Kolkata and have studied B.Tech at some college where I’ve learned many important things like “Engineering isn’t for me”. So finally I’ve decided to take my hobby as my profession and do what I love the most. Now here I am, a Still Life Photographer & Cinemagraph Artist who loves flowers and trying to convey her feelings through the photographs.
In my childhood, I found my dad’s old Yashica more interesting than any dolls and wasted films taking photographs of flowers and objects rather than people and landscapes. Everyone used to make fun of me for that, but as I grew up, realized that I’m no black sheep, what I’m doing, is Still Life Photography.
In 2018, somehow I managed to buy my own camera and the more I’ve been drawn to this field, the more I’ve discovered that there’re so many challenges which I still need to overcome and the most important one is to stay inspired. In this one year experience, I haven’t achieved anything to brag about except the love and support I get from my friends and family, which is more than enough to continue my growth as an artist.

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©Nisha Dutta

It is indeed a pleasure to work with such talented people. We are truly honoured.

Hope all of you are enjoying a pleasant weekend ahead!

Cover Pic: Sayantani Basu

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