An Interview with a Travel and Landscape Photographer – Prakash Kumar Singh

August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day and so to celebrate the diverse, extraordinary and versatile world and culture of photography, we shall celebrate the whole month of August with articles dedicated to Photographers. WeekendTrivia exclusive interviews with world-class photographers as well as a photography contest shall be running on as well as all other social media platforms. So dive into the fest!

There are amateur photographers, professional photographers, good pictures, okay pictures and then there is Prakash Kumar Singh. However much is said about him, will be less. His vision, dedication and understanding of Landscape and Travel Photography is simply extraordinary and with every photo, he never ceases to amaze. When you go through his Instagram gallery, it feels like a box of chocolates that you cannot put down by having only one… We are encapsulated!

You will get enchanted too, once you follow him on –

Instagram – Pk.Prakashphotography



To know more about the man behind the lens and his perspective as a photographer, read on.

P. S. – Copyright of all the captures in the article lies with ©Prakash Kumar Singh

The Ace Photographer – Prakash Kumar Singh

Q1: Would you kindly introduce yourself to our reader? Along with the genre of your photography and on which project are you working currently? What do you consider your greatest achievement?

A: My name is Prakash Kumar Singh I am an Indian but based in Dubai, by profession I am Interior Designer & by passion I am Photographer, Instructor & Sony MEA Ambassador.

My main genre in photography is Landscape, Cityscape, Astro, Architecture & Interior.

Greatest Achievement will be choosing to pursue my passion of photography, rest came along the way. 

Q2: What attracts you to your genre? Whose work has influenced you most?

A:Being a Designer I am always attracted to diff shapes & colors & who has the most versatile palate than the nature & what has the most versatile shapes than the Landscape & Architecture around the World. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

I get influenced from all over be it road side advert or any social media or any image seen in books or movies, sometimes I pick very minute detail & use it as base on my work.

Q3: Is it important to have any professional training to be a photographer? Did you have any at the time you set off your journey?  

A:What is professional training?? 1 person who knows something teaching you the same, I gather my knowledge from people around me, coming back to the question if you want to work in an institute or want to open an institute yes you need professional training & certificate but without that I never heard anyone asking for it.

& No I don’t have any certificate.

Q4: When you go in one of your photo-shoot which one is your favorite lens and why do you prefer it?

A:I like two of them 16-35 F2.8 GM & 70-200 F2.8 GM, these two covers most of my shooting needs be it wide scene or a close up.

Q5: How do you as a photographer make sure that the thing, person or landscape you want to shoot looks the way you want it to? 

A:Photography requires lot of patience, waiting for the perfect time when everything comes perfectly aligned, it requires the knowledge about the nature or whatever you are shooting be it cloud or reflection on the water or the animals etc. one needs to know how those things behaves by following them studying them.

Q6: Can you explain to the budding photographer what makes the good picture stand out from the average? How do you choose your vantage point for your photographs? 

A:At the time we stand now it’s difficult to say what makes a photograph stands out sometimes if can be pure luck or fluke.

But you might increase your chance to stand out if you create something which is based on your own style & making something new ( it’s very hard to do it now a days ) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

I never go for what others will like I always go for what I like, you cant make others like your images then why try, 1 will tell you he likes long exposure one will tell you he/she never liked using filters. So stop listening to others listen to yourself but never stop hearing what others have to say about your images, criticism is a biggest source of learning.

Q7: From all the places that you have travelled, which one is your favorite and why? If anyone wants to join you in one of your tour who does they do that? 

A:I like all the places I have travelled but Iceland holds a special place in my heart I have enjoyed the true sense of nature & calmness from this place.

If you want to join my trips simply contact me on my FB, Insta pages or mail me through my website.

Q8: A “Good Camera can make a Picture perfect” do you believe this myth?

A:As you mentioned it’s a myth ☺ 

Q9: How important is to know a place before you go out for shoot? What are the challenges that faced so far? 

A:I do little bit of research on the places I go but I don’t do it too much I like to keep the surprises intact for me it’s like opening a new present, I like to get awed ☺ 

Many challenges like getting stuck under rain, hail storm or snow or even at middle of a hike / walk realizing upsss this is too much for me I can’t make it but this is what makes each of my journey unique, I don’t operate like a robot & tht’s why I tell all my attendees or friends travelling with me if you like the comfort of your bed don’t join or if you want things to turn out exactly how u expect don’t join me join a tour company.

Q10: In a picture is “Digital manipulation” really require to make it perfect? 

A:What on Earth is Perfect? Coming back to Digital Manipulation, may be some image requires it may be some doesn’t & we shouldn’t judge a picture based on it. If a photographer or artist feels the image needs enhancement they have full right to do so who are we to stop them or to teach them not to do so but I believe if it’s done they should mention little bit about it but it’s not a force. 

Photography is like cooking or like a science project the chef or the scientist experiments with several ingredients to make 1 item perfect which highlights that it’s made different or made by the same guy.

Q11: Which post-processing software you use for your pictures? 

A:I mainly use Lightroom & Photoshop. 

Q12: Many of the photographers ask us where they find out about the salon news or exhibition news. Can you please give them some idea?

A:Ohhh no I am or was never a right guy to advice this, I hardly participate on these.

Q13: Name the last photography book/journal that you read.

A:………………………………………………… None

Q14: Nowadays almost everyone has access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other amateur photographer? 

A:The Experience, the Knowledge of what is right & what is wrong or which gear to select for a specific scene or what composition to take or where to go or what to look for or how to look for. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Latest devices will take only the picture but the calls you need to take to make that picture comes from above. Just buying latest gear & opening a page of photography with 1000’s like & great job & wowww doesn’t make you a great photographer. The same way buying a plane will not make you pilot or buying a F1 car will not make you a F1 racer. 

Q15: Any quick message for our blog? Wish you a very happy world photography day! Thanks for your time!   

A:You guys are doing a great job keep doing it, Best Of Luck.

Thank you Prakash Sir, immensely, for taking out your time and being gracious enough to find time and share your journey and thoughts with us. We look forward to your many more amazing and excellent works in future!

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