Kobita Sohor – New Pujor Gaan by Porijayi

Surokahon – the musical group from Kolkata has been a favourite of ours since a very long time and have already been featured twice on our blog – Surokahon: A beautiful musical journey and Music Without Boundaries. Needless to say, we love their troupe, and we love the music they create. It is soulful, It is meaningful and it resonates the verses of this generation. This new venture which is named Porijayi are a group of young, enthusiastic and talented artists who have been creating beautiful renditions since last year and this year they have come up with a new addition for the upcoming Pujo Season.

Durga puja is less than a month from now and the Bengali Community in different parts of the world are gearing up for the most important time of the year. And to commemorate this annual event, Porijayi is going to release a new song on the 12th of September, 2019 on their YouTube channel. So before you read any further, please take this moment to subscribe to their YouTube Channel linked below –

Surokahon – The Wave of Magic

This Pujor Gaan as we call it is called Kobita Sohor.. What is Kobita Sohor .. what is its soul.. what does it symbolize.. what does it match its tune to? Know more about the story of the group in the excerpt below…

Durga Pujo is around the corner and the entire Bengali community all over the world is gearing up for the grand and the year’s most awaited festival. After all these years, its not only the Bengalis who celebrate Durga Pujo, but the very essence of Pujo is total inclusivity and embracing with warmth all the people from varied communities and cultures under the same roof, just like the ‘ek chala thakur’ where all the members of the family are bonded together in oneness.

Porijayi – Official Music Video

The rich traditions surrounding Pujo includes the ushering of new ideas, innovative works and most importantly, music. It has been a Bengali tradition and culture which deeply associates new music and songs with the onset of Pujo preparations. Upholding this beautiful tradition, a small music group based out of Kolkata has planned the release of their original composition (Pujo’r Gaan)on 12th September, just 16 days before Mahalaya. 

The name of this group is Porijayi. Porijayi is a group of young people united by music and primarily performs and practices modern Indian Music. A colourful spectrum of minds from different disciplines coming together to practise and perform music. The song they are all set to release is named ‘Kobita shohor’
In 2018, Porijayi had come up with Prothom Khoshra which was Porijayi’s first effort on a professional platform. Prothom Khoshra consisted of three songs, but all three were cover songs. This is the first time they are here with something original. A song on Poetry, Friendship, and Kolkata. When friendship becomes poetry when a city comes to life through human bondage, bubbles of emotion meld to grow into a song. A song of life. A song of friendship. A song of love. A song we all want to become.

Prothom Khoshra

An original composition dedicated to the folks who are away from home, to the friends who haven’t met for years, to the people who connect through music. Everything about the song and its video is original. Totally innovative and creative. The song ‘Kobita Shohor’ is written and composed by Pratyay,  one of the members of Porijayi. The Porijayi team who performed the song for this project are Gargi, Amrita, Arpita, Prasun, Pratyay, Souryya & Sayan. The soundscape and music arrangement has been done by Deborshee. Mandolin played by Subham, and on the Flute Soumyajyoti. The video has been conceptualised by the team Porijayi and videography and editing done by Susanta Adhikary and Pramit Das assisted by Pinaki Sarkar. The song is going to be released from a new music platform and YouTube channel Surokahon. 

Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo

This is a time where we are living in a capitalistic society and its difficult for small groups and organizations to showcase their works and reach the masses. So, please do support and share independent and original music. Pujor Gaan coming up soon. Hope all friends around the world listen to the new work by Porijayi.

We cannot wait to listen to more and we wish team Porijayi and their new song all the very best for all their future endeavours

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