A Talk with Monsoon Photography Contest Winner – Tushar Singh Chauhan

As you all must be aware by now that on the occasion of World Photography Day, we had conducted a Monsoon Photography Contest on the month of August. The winner of the contest was Tushar Singh Chauhan and here we bring for you, talk with th winner – Tushar.

Also a big Thank You to everyone who has participated and special mention to all the finalists and runners up. Do not be disheartened if you weren’t selected this time, we will continue with many more contests and make sure you follow us on all platforms to participate.

Tushar Singh is a street documentary and portrait photographer based out of Delhi. He specializes in bringing out the raw human emotions through his work. Please read on to know more about him.

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Instagram – Tushar_Eagle

Facebook – Eagle Eye by Tushar

PS. Copyright of all images pertains to ©Tushar Singh Chauhan

The man himself – Tushar Singh

Q. Congratulations!!! It must feel good to be a winner… Can you please give your introduction to our readers?

A: Hello everyone, I am a street photographer based out of Delhi and love to seek hope on streets. I particularly specialize in street documentary and portrait photography and I especially love capturing the shanty towns. I believe in capturing souls and not just faces. It is the best way to overcome your social anxiety and you get to know different stories of different people.

Q.  We have posted 20 interviews of famous photographers on our blog. How does it feel to be interviewed on the same platform as them?   

A:  It is a pleasure to be interviewed on this platform and it is commendable to see how people are working so hard to stand out from the crowd. 

Q. What is your favorite genre of photography and why?

A: It took me a year or two of experimentation with different types of genre before I found my niche. But something drew me into street photography because I was always fascinated with new faces and people.

Being a street photographer I love the thrill of clicking blighted areas through which I get to know their struggle of life and how much they suffer. I bet you’ll not find any other genre this much thrilling because to get the best shot you have to give your best, you have to roam around the streets as long as you can to get what you want and the moment you’ll get your perfect shot believe me that’s the best feeling ever. 

Q. What are the gears that you use? For how long are you doing it?

A: Currently I’m using canon 5D mark iii f1.8, before this I was exploring with my canon 650D (crop) and for the street purpose I always go with my canon 5D mark iii along with 50mm lens because I find it universal as it is suitable for landscape along with close up and portraits.  

Q. Do you want to take photography as your prime profession or is it already your profession? 

A: Photography is already my profession and I further want to escalate myself in this field.

Q. In the next five years where do you want to see yourself in photographic world?

A: In the next upcoming years, I want to see myself as a well-known street photographer perhaps photographers are not fully formed. They start out as unskilled, and they reach their goals through luck, education, networking, perseverance, etc. As for me, I want to grow as much as I can in this field on my own. 

Q. Whom do you admire the most in photography and why?

A: The person whom I admire the most is Steve McCurry. The simple reason behind this is because being a street photographer you should always know the story behind the shots you are about to capture and that is why I am inspired by Steve McCurry. He is best known for his evocative color photographs that documents both human struggles and joy which stimulates me more into street photography.

Q. What are/is your biggest achievement so far?

A: In 2016, my best street photographs were featured in Deccan Herald newspaper with my documentary.

In 2017, few of my top shots were published in Photography Plus magazine.

In 2019, another article was produced in Photography Plus magazine with my best portraits.

Q. What do you want to say to the other budding photographers?

A:  I would like to convey to all my budding photographers to be real and not to rush behind social attention as one day your work will definitely pay you off sooner or later for sure. Just keep one thing in mind “Stay Raw-Click Raw”. 

Q. Have you visited our blog yet? What do you think of it?

A: You are doing a great job indeed! It is a very good initiative to promote the recent time photographers in social life that are full of experience and talent. Thanks for having me here.

Thank You Tushar, for participating and taking out time to talk to us. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours. Keep Clicking..!

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