Getting to know Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer – Devlina Bhattacharya

Hello everyone! Its that time of the year again. Durga Puja/Navratri/Dussehra is upon us and the entire country is gearing up for the festive spirit. The ten days of a mad rush, a feeling of free-falling, of indulging in extra food, of bonding with families, of letting your hair down and becoming your best fashionable self. It’s time to welcome the Goddess, celebrate Shakti and unanimously unite together to celebrate the biggest festival season of India. And this time is again a reminder that even being of diverse cultures and traditions, we all unite under one big hood…

On the spirit of the occasion, WeekendTrivia brings for you a heart-to-heart talk with few ladies who are dynamic, beautiful, successful in their own ways and breaking norms and labels with their life-style and thoughts. They are the influencers of our times, who refuse to be labeled as such and yet are looked up by many. Gone are the days when the only style icons were the film/television celebrities and when we craved to look like them.

These ladies have broken the barriers of ideas that fashion is only for celebrities, only meant to be done on certain occasions and definitely not at work! The rules are changing and these beautiful ladies bring a myriad of a fresh and positive outlook for you all. They are people like you and me, girls next door, bringing out their best self.

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A vivacious, beautiful and darling of a person who looks perfect to the T in whichever attire she may be. Her smiles always reach upto her eyes, her Instgram feed will brighten up your day always. Presenting Devlina Bhattacharya, a fashionista and beauty influencer from Assam, who is doing wonderful work in her own field and providing us with the best curated ideas of her quirky fashion. Read on to know more about her

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P.S. All the pictures and videos are owned by ©Devlina Bhattacharya and reproduction in any form, without prior permission, is prohibited

Q: Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m Devlina Bhattacharya. Born in Assam and brought up in Shillong. I’m 26 years old and I come from a very simple Bengali family.

The beautiful Girl – Devlina Bhattacharya

Q: Is being an influencer your full-time profession or are you still studying/doing some other job?

Yes, it is my full time job. I’m trying to work hard everyday and by God’s grace, it’s all going good. 

Q: What inspired you to start your Instagram page? Please share what is your Instagram profile all about and how did your journey start?

People. It has always been people. Be it friends, family or my lovely audience. They have been my biggest motivation.

The thing that sparked my interest was when I started getting good feedbacks. 

And, as I always wanted to have a career in fashion, I thought, Instagram would be a great platform to learn new things everyday, show my creativity and also have a potential career all at the same time. 

I started using Instagram actively and in a more professional way about two years ago. My Instagram is all about authenticity. I always try to post things I’d like to see if I were a follower. 

Q: What would you consider your biggest achievement so far?

I’ve a lot of things to achieve and I believe, I’ve a long way to go. 

But, in the year 2016, I got severely ill. I was suffering from a scalp disorder which made me lose all my hair in just 15 days. 

My hair started falling off on its own and I was almost bald. It looked like alopecia but it was not exactly that. Hair is probably a woman’s most important feature, a woman’s crowning glory. 

Of course, losing it might not mean the difference between life and death, but it can certainly cause a lot of emotional and psychological distress.I started wearing scarves and beanies on my head. 

I still remember going to a shop to get a few scarves, my head was also covered with one, I looked very weak and there was this lady who came up to me and asked me in a very polite way if I am fighting a deadly disease. (We all know what).

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For a second her question made me numb and I didn’t know what to say or how to answer such questions. There were days when I didn’t want to wake up at all, It still gives shivers down my spine.

Doctors say, It might happen again in future but I’m not afraid anymore. ‘To be able to not give up, to accept that I’m beautiful with or without hair and fight with my own fears’ is my biggest achievement so far and I’m very much proud of myself. 

Q: Did you face any major challenge or hiccups on your journey of becoming an influencer?

Not really. It took a bit of time to be there and get noticed by brands but it’s been a wonderful journey so far. 

I absolutely love my job. 

The only problem is that some people outside of this bubble don’t consider it a  job. They don’t see what goes into the production of the content we publish. It’s like any other job. I don’t think everyone realizes that you can make a good living doing this, either. You have to constantly prove what you’re worth in this business. It’s a constant hustle. 

It’s a REAL JOB and I get paid. I make good money, too!

Q: Your thoughts on the indigenous handloom industry of India and what can we do to protect it?

Handloom exemplifies the richness and diversity of our country and the artistry of the weavers.

My Mother is a big fan of Handloom. She has a lot of Handloom Sarees and they are absolutely beautiful. I often steal them from my Mother’s closet and wear them. I’ve a few handloom scarves as well. 

It’s up to the customers to support this sector, to buy handlooms and help our 2,000-year-old craft to live. 

I’d request everyone, the next time they go shopping, they must try out a handloom product, and I am sure once they experience the comfort of a natural fibre, they will become regular customers. 

I’ve also read in an article that to revive the handloom sector, the state of Kerala has made it mandatory for all schools to get uniforms from handlooms. I think, that’s absolutely amazing. Every state should follow this. 

Q: Does your profession require you to travel a lot for shoots? How do you manage your family life along with running an Instagram page?

My main focus was Fashion all these years so I didn’t have to travel so much. But, recently, I’ve been focusing on creating travel content as well which is why I’ve started getting travel collaborations. I love traveling. I mean, who doesn’t ? 

I believe, once you start loving what you do and really enjoy your work, managing everything else becomes easy. 

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For a homesick person like me, family matters the most. So, I try my best to balance it all. 

Q: What other activities are you a part of apart from your job and as an Influencer? What are your hobbies?

Whenever I get time and it’s a day off, I read books. I love reading books more than watching movies. 

Q: Please share your experience with different brands you have worked with?

I have worked with amazing brands like Myntra, Reliance, Forever new, Forever 21,  MAC, Faceshop, Project Eve, Uber Eats, VIVO, MAX Fashion, Samsung India, Levis to name a few and the experience has been amazing. Every day, I get to learn something new. 

I don’t think, I’ve faced any serious issues with any brand so far. They all have been really professional and wonderful. 

Q: As Durga Puja and other festivities are knocking around the corner, would you please suggest certain looks which will go well with the occasion and brands where to get them?

Let me just tell you about my top three looks, this Durga Puja. A Ruffled Saree: Being traditional isn’t restricted to just flaunting a perfectly draped saree or a well-matched kurta. Modern times call for modern solutions and one must never shy away from experimenting. 

 A Chikankari Saree/Suit: Chikankari has never gone out of fashion. I’ve been a HUGE FAN of Chikankari work. It looks so rich yet not glossy or jazzy. That’s just my personal style — simple and elegant.

A Gharara/Sharara: We can wear it at any festival because the look is both ethnic but trendy. The flared gharara adds to its royal look and make it even more classy.

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One can easily get such outfits from MYNTRA and AJIO.

There is one more brand which many people don’t know about, it’s BUNAAI. Their collection is absolutely beautiful. 

Q: There’s a lot of shoddy people on social media who either try to discredit others or stalk them. How do you deal with such people or negativity in general? Does it bog you down or affect your mental peace?

Of course, it does. We all are humans. Sometimes, it makes me sad too. But, then I realise, no matter what you do, there will always be some people who will try to pull you down. 

So, the best thing to do is to ignore them.

Life is too short to spread hate and I’ve always believed, the more love you give, the more you get. Let’s all be good human, first. Be kind. 

Q: Can becoming an Influencer be taken up as a profession for future generations? How to not get lost amongst the masses? Any suggestions?

Yes, definitely. 

If you are really are serious about it then why not ? The first thing you need to do is find a niche that suits your personality. This needs to be something you are passionate about. 

Focus more on the content because content is king. But, yes, it’s not an overnight success. It will take time. You have to be patient in this industry.  

Also, get inspired by people but never ever copy them. Be unique and be consistent. 

Q: Lastly, any word for our blog? Thank you for your time!

Having an online community can be very positive and empowering especially when run by women. 

Weekend Trivia is a great platform and is truly very informative. Keep up the good work, Beautiful Ladies. More power to you.

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Thank you, Devlina Dearest, for taking out time to talk to us, and having such a wonderful and heart-to-heart conversation. We look forward to your continuously bringing more style, positivity and beauty to our feed! Happy Durga Puja!

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