A Talk with Food and Lifestyle Blogger Richa (@savorytales)

Hello, Weekenders! Hope everyone had a rocking Durga Puja and Dussehra 2019! But the festivities are far from being over because… Diwali is coming folks!! And boy aren’t we excited again? Like every other festive occasion, Diwali is also about spending time with friends and family and its also largely about FOOD!

Food is an essential part of our culture and tradition and we make the best of this on special occasions. Thus to grace this tradition and celebrate the festive spirit in the truest sense of term, we bring for you a savoury and delicious chat with some food bloggers who are trulu doing wonderful work.

These bloggers are not only cooking delicious food but also, teaching us about different cuisines, the history and stories of a particular dish/food tradition, food presentation and food photography. Along with this they also provide many tips and tricks to help us cook better. They will also provide insights on how we can amp up the food scenario this Diwali. So keep reading.

The first blogger to get onboard with us is the lovely Richa from Mumbai. She is a lifestyle and food blogger and content writer along with being an ex financial banker. She cooks up some heavenly deliciouness and guides us to her work. Read on to know about her.

Follow her in the following places –

Instagram : https://instagram.com/savorytales

Facebook : https://facebook.com/savorytales

Website: https://savorytales.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/savory_tales

P.S. All the pictures and videos are owned by ©Richa and reproduction in any form, without prior permission, is prohibited

The beautiful Lady – Richa

Q. Please introduce yourself.

 Hi, I am Richa, Mumbai based Food and Lifestyle Blogger and Content Creator. Born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh. Academics took me to many cities of Western India. I started my professional career, post MBA, as a banker with India’s leading retail bank. This enriching and wonderful experience lasted for around four years before I decided to start a chapter of life i.e Marriage. Marriage brought me back to Mumbai from where her professional career had started. 

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Q. What made you start your food blog/page? Please share what is your Instagram profile all about and how did your journey start?

I have always been expressive in thoughts and find it very satisfying in penning them down in words. I was in search of a space where I can share my insane love for food, passion for writing and interest in photography and it gave birth to Savory Tales, my food blog.The food blog journey started by writing restaurant reviews on Zomato. Later I thought of sharing the simple and everyday recipes on my blog too. The blog also gave wings to my dormant love for photography. Now, I passionately take pictures of food around me or cooked by me and post them on my Instagram profile – Savorytales. I try to create creative content using food. 

Q. Is being a food-blogger your full-time profession or do you work elsewhere?

I am a full-time blogger and also work as freelance content writer. I also have created training courses related to banking. 

Q. What would you consider your biggest achievement so far?

The love and support of my audience across all platforms. Getting featured as one of the Top Food Bloggers of India along with some really talented and recognized bloggers who are my inspiration. 

Q. What is your signature dish that represents who you are as a cook?

Litti/Baati and Choka, the special dish of UP and Bihar is my favourite and love cooking it for family and friends. 

Q. When you post a new recipe on the page, is that usually part of your home menu or do you sometimes have to prepare extra meals?

It’s a mix of both. I regularly share daily meals and also I plan the recipes in advance using the seasonal veggies or fruits or depending upon the festival. 

Q. How do you manage your family life along with other commitments and running a page?

I get huge support from my husband (after all he gets to eat all the yummy food :P, just kidding). He is very supportive, motivating and helps me in every possible way. Now, that I am a new mom things are getting a bit difficult these days but it will be okay with time. I believe and feel when you love what you do, you will find time to manage things and rest everything falls in place.

Q. What are the top five ingredients that you would say is essential in all kitchens?

 My list would include green coriander leaves, garam masala, jeera, chillies and of course  Namak Shamak 😛 

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Q. What is your favorite kitchen gadget or tool that you can’t live without?

A knife is very important to me. I can’t function without a good knife. I absolutely love my dry spices grinder as I can prepare fresh masala for cooking.

Q.What are your favorite regional cuisines or specific foods? Name a dish you always wanted to make but haven’t had a chance to make it yet.

I love Litti/Baati Chokha, the special and popular dish of UP and Bihar. 

I have to try Dal Pakwan sometime. I have heard a lot about it and find it tempting but didn’t got a chance to prepare it. 

Q. What other activities are you a part of apart from being a food blogger? What are your hobbies?

I love anything creative be it art, craft or DIY. If not blogging you will find be watching the DIY videos or making doing some DIY for home decor. 

Q. Please share your experience with different brands you have worked with?

I am happy to have worked with many leading brands. In India, blogging is still very unorganized but now good brands have started giving value to the content creators and my experience has been good so far except a few cases where brands want free marketing of their products and don’t value the time and effort that goes in creating content.

Q.As Diwali is approaching soon, could you please suggest few dishes which will be ideal to try out during the festivities?

Oh sure! Starting with savory items you can prepare methi mathris, baked pinwheel samosas, dahi vadas, chaklis. For the sweet dish besan ladoos are my favourite, simple and easy to make. One can also make shahi tukda, fruit flavoured kheer. 

Q. There are a lot of shoddy people on social media who either try to discredit others or stalk them. How do you deal with such people or negativity in general? Does it bog you down or affect your mental peace?

Initially, it use to bother me a lot because there are lot of negative people who are there to pull you down. But, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Delete the comment and block them and carry on with your work. I don’t believe in ranting on social media because in a way you are giving them the attention they don’t deserve.

Q. Local Bazaars or Supermarkets – What is your preference when it comes to choosing fresh ingredients for the kitchen?

I prefer shopping at local bazaars any day, also as it supports the local sellers but sometimes when the day is hectic or due to lack of time I do pick veggies or fruits from supermarket. 

Q. Can becoming an Influencer be taken up as a profession for future generations? How to not get lost amongst the masses? Any tips?

Being an influencer is not a profession or a job. You should have knowledge about the niche you are blogging or posting on Instagram. You have become the go-to-person or share some information that is of help to others for a topic be it photography, technology, food or anything that you handle with expertise and passion, then people will follow you and get influenced by what you say. 

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Keep try new things, be creative and keep learning because you need to match the ever changing trend. Keep it real because people can relate to what you say in a better way.

Q. What are your future plans for your page and profile? Are you happy with the way it has shaped up?

I really wish to become more regular with videos making and be active on Youtube. I am happy with the way it has shaped up till date but would like to add more video content related to recipes, tips or DIY. 

Q. Lastly, any word for our blog? Thank you for your time!

You and your team is doing a really good job in sharing stories related to food, travel and photography. Keep up the good work. 

Thank you, Richa for taking out time to talk to us, and having such a wonderful and heart-to-heart conversation. We look forward to your continuously bringing more deliciousness to our feed! HappyDiwali!

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