A Talk with Food Blogger Somdatta Sengupta (@myfridayfoodswings)

Hello, Weekenders! We Hope everyone had a rocking Durga Puja and Dussehra 2019! But the festivities are far from being over because… Diwali is coming folks!! And boy aren’t we excited again? Like every other festive occasion, Diwali is also about spending time with friends and family and its also largely about FOOD!

Food is an essential part of our culture and tradition and we make the best of this on special occasions. Thus to grace this tradition and celebrate the festive spirit in the truest sense of the term, we bring for you a savory and delicious chat with some food bloggers who are truly doing wonderful work.

These bloggers are not only cooking delicious food but also, teaching us about different cuisines, the history, and stories of a particular dish/food tradition, food presentation and food photography. Along with this they also provide many tips and tricks to help us cook better. They will also provide insights on how we can amp up the food scenario this Diwali. So keep reading.

Today we have with us Somdatta Sengupta from California. Friends and family call her Soma and that is how she likes to be addressed. From the NE hills of Shillong to California, Soma has always enjoyed life from Friday to Friday and hence the name of her blog. Apart from food, she is a home decor junkie as well and has documented thoroughly how she set up her California home. She is adorable and so warm to talk to. Read on to know more about her.

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P.S. All the pictures and videos are owned by ©Somdatta Sengupta and reproduction in any form, without prior permission, is prohibited

The Lovely Somdatta Sengupta

Q. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Soma Sengupta. I am basically from Kolkata India but living in the Bay Area, California for more than a decade now with my teenage daughter and husband. I manage the Marketing Office of a Silicon Valley startup during the day and in my free time tend to my place of passion which is my food blog, myfridayfoodswings.com.

Alur Dom

Q. Would made you start your food blog/page? Please share what is your Instagram profile all about and how did your journey start?

I started my food blog to share my childhood food memories and also to document experiences I am having now while I am raising my daughter in a foreign land because I realize that I am also making memories for her. It’s a culmination of emotions that goes to my daily dose of sustenance as I truly believe food goes well beyond mere sustenance.

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Q. Is being a food-blogger your full-time profession or are do you work elsewhere?

As I said earlier, I am a part-time food blogger with a very exciting full-time day job.


Q. What would you consider your biggest achievement so far?

Biggest achievement – I will mention the one that comes to my mind related to food blogging. I published an e-book last year which is an anthology of some heirloom recipes handed down to me by my grandma.

Q. What is your signature dish that represents who you are as a cook?

I would say the Bengali fish Fry, cause I am requested by friends and family always to make it.

Bengali Fish Fry

Q. When you post a new recipe on the page, is that usually part of your home menu or do you sometimes have to prepare extra meals?

I blog recipes that come with some inspiration. I generally cook for blogging and sometimes multiple times till I get it right.

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Q. How do you manage your family life along with other commitments and running a page?

It is not easy but if you love something and you are passionate about it, you make time for it.

Peas Parantha

Q. What are the top five ingredients that you would say are essential in all kitchens?

Top 5 ingredients in any kitchen should be salt, sugar, a cooking oil/butter, black pepper and something like a souring agent like tomato/lemon juice/vinegar.

 Q. What is your favorite kitchen gadget or tool that you can’t live without?

Food Processor

Murgh Mumtaz Mahal

Q. What are your favorite regional cuisines or specific foods? Name a dish you always wanted to make but haven’t had a chance to make it yet.

I love Indian regional cuisines. Apart from Bengali, I love Mangalorean cuisine. I have always wanted to make the sweet soan papdi at home but never got around trying it.

Kajali Mach

Q. Which other world cuisines have you tried and what do you like about them? In your experience what is the basic difference in the eating lifestyle of Indians as compared to the rest of the world? 

I have tried plenty of world cuisines having lived in the Bay Area which is a melting pot of cultures. I love exploring the different regional spices from the country being used and also the techniques and the history influencing the particular dish. The basic difference in the eating lifestyle of Indians which again is very similar to Italians I would say, is that our meals are very family style where we cook for families and enjoy eating with them. The structure of our meals are also very multi course, where our meals generally has more than one dish being served and there is an order in how we eat it. For example, in the Bengali culture, we would eat the dal before the curries.

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Q. What other activities are you a part of apart from being a food blogger? What are your hobbies?

I love gardening. I also volunteer in a lot of community events.

Chicken Pot Pie

Q. Please share your experience with different brands you have worked with?

I have worked with some Bay Area local brands like Zee Foods and Shastha and my experience with them has been good.

Q. As Diwali is approaching soon, could you please suggest few dishes which will be ideal to try out during the festivities? 

You could try the following sweets:

Q. There are a lot of shoddy people on social media who either try to discredit others or stalk them. How do you deal with such people or negativity in general? Does it bog you down or affect your mental peace?

No, I just block them or unfollow them and then don’t think about them. Nothing in this world is worth my mental peace.

Protein Popsicles

Q. Local Bazaars or Supermarkets – What is your preference when it comes to choosing fresh ingredients for the kitchen?

I love Farmers Markets.

Q. Can becoming an Influencer be taken up as a profession for future generations? How to not get lost amongst the masses? Any tips?

You become an influencer only when your individuality is strong enough to attract others. It definitely can become a profession but then I feel at that level there is too much stress to live by example because your every move is watched. 

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Q. What are your future plans for your page and profile? Are you happy with the way it has shaped up?

Future plans include spending some time on the technicalities of the blog like fixing my SEO etc. Also, I want to start a series on royal recipes from India very soon.

Malai Khichuri

Q. Lastly, any word for our blog? Thank you for your time!

I think you guys are really doing a good job. Best wishes and thanks for this opportunity.

Chanar Payesh

Thank you, Soma, for taking out time to talk to us, and having such a wonderful and heart-to-heart conversation. We look forward to your continuously bringing more deliciousness to our feed! HappyDiwali!

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