Best Pictures of the Week in Photografeed Facebook Group – November Part 2

Photography is a language which can translate and break any barriers, boundaries and distance. It has universal appeal and is loved by all. And that’s why we are starting this new series in collaboration with Photografeed. Every Friday, our team will be selecting the top 10 photos of the week which are posted in the Photografeed group. And they shall be posted on WeekendTrivia exclusively as the best among the lot. This is a way to encourage everyone to compose beautiful and better shots. Also, we are happy to announce that we’re the permanent media partners of Photografeed from now on. So join the Photografeed group and who knows your photo might gey published on our platform! Happy Clicking!

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Farhan Labib

Koushik Naha

Amit Ruhela

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Apu Das

Koustav Bondyopadhyay

Farhan Labib

Mohammed Nizwan

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Prince Gayen

Sheik Faqruddin

Koustav Bondyopadhyay

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