Getting to know Illustrator Artist – Sumouli Dutta (@woodledoodledesigns)

It is said that Art is like poetry that enriches the soul, connects one to its deeper realizations and awakens the soul to a higher perspective. In the words of the master Leonardo Da Vinci, “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light

With changing times, Art is not confined to canvas and oil painting only. We now have various forms and mediums of art and we feel that traditional or digital, every art piece is beautiful. The effort, love, and dedication that every artist puts in his or her work is something to be appreciated, valued, and treasured always. Instagram is a great platform where you can showcase your talents in any field, but especially in Art. So we at Weekendtrivia tried to connect to artists across the globe and tried to know them better for us and for our viewers.

Today we have with us an extremely talented illustrator and visual merchandiser and our absolute favourite – Sumouli Dutta, better known as WoodleDoodleDesigns. Broadly defined, An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea. The illustration may be intended to clarify complicated concepts or objects that are difficult to describe textually, which is the reason illustrations are often found in children’s books

Sumouli Dutta works as a Visual Merchandiser and toggles her life with her passion for doodling and art as an established illustrator. She works mostly on a digital medium and has created quite a unique niche amongst digital artists, doodle artists and illustrators worldwide with her unique style of representing her subjects. She is a super hard-working and passionate individual and her journey has been stupendous. When you visit her profile on Instagram, it is like an instant jolt of happiness and sunshine that exuberates through her artworks. And the best part about her is that she is an extremely warm-hearted soul. Always there to help and guide others. And to know more about her journey read on.

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P.S. All the pictures and videos are owned by ©Woodledoodledesigns and reproduction in any form, without prior permission, is prohibited

Q. Please introduce yourself.

– I am Sumouli Dutta, founder of WoodleDoodleDesigns. Based out of Kolkata. Currently working in an organisation as a visual merchandiser and living my passion for art and illustration daily, designing is my way to finding personal expression.

The lovely Sumouli Dutta

Q. What made you start your art page? Please share what is your Instagram profile is all about and how did your journey start?

– I remember starting this page randomly one evening just to upload all my artworks in one place I do without any specific goal. And the journey for 2016 to 2020 have been incredible with lots of learning. Hard work and regular practice, are my two key attributes that have built the page and the brand. I remember working on a normal sketchbook and the drawing on phone using fingers in Autodesk sketchbook app for 2 years. I believe every hustling steps are necessary to feel the bliss of the little achievements you get at the end.

Q. Is being an artist your full-time profession or do you work elsewhere? Is it possible to make out a sustainable career out of art in today’s world?

– I work as a visual merchandiser in an organisation based in Kolkata. I believe we can make a sustainable career out of art and I wish to achieve as that’s my next goal. I never had much exposure to art and artist as I have now hence ended up with a 9 to 5 job. But I see my life taking a completely new turn where I rely on a sustainable career out of art.

Q. What would you consider your biggest achievement so far?

– There have been many. Hard to choose one. But if you want me to pick one then it would be my first children book designing project. It was like a dream.

Q. What is your signature style of art that represents you as an artist? What does your work aim to say? Do you address current world scenarios through your work?

– I am more into cute, colorful, quirky doodles and illustration. I generally make comics to break the stereotypical thoughts of society for a single woman. As I face a lot of pressure being 29 and unmarried. My art, unfortunately, doesn’t talk more about world scenarios when it comes to the political part. But I try and showcase more about body positivity, self-love, self-care and against stereotypical thoughts.

Q. What is your favourite medium to work upon? And your favourite work tools?

– Digital. I use iPad and Adonit Pixel Pen for daily drawings. And I absolutely love the app Procreate. These combination of 3 are my only tools.

Q. When you start a new piece of art, how do you get the inspiration/motivation it? How long does it take approximately to finish one piece of art?

– Deadline is my real motivation. Haha! And yes, the creativity that flows in the last phase makes me WOW! 😉 The time that I generally take for one full page with detailed illustration is 9-10 hours. And for small doodles, it takes roughly 2 hours. And I keep doing quick sketches on a sketchbook to cut myself from the chaos those roughly take 30 minutes.

Q. Who are your biggest influences?

– Majorly all the artists out there. All are having such great style and passion for art keeps me motivated. And all of them influences me to make more art each day. I learn from these people, I study their work and I try and improve in all aspect – drawing, sketching, shading, marketing, handling customer, promoting. It’s a platform where you can learn for free. Just observe and practice with the goal to get better with art and in life.

Q. How do you manage your family life along with other commitments and running a page?

– I hustle. And I feel I am terrible at managing and balancing both. I don’t socialise at all. I don’t binge on any series or watch TV. I feel I can utilise this time to work more. I generally wake up at 7am. Get ready, go to office, work till 5:40 pm and hustle back home and start working on my freelancing work and work till 1pm to 2 pm. THIS LIFESTYLE IS NOT Recommended!! HEHE! I genuinely want to work on this work cycle and work-home balance aspect this year.

Q. What are the biggest challenges that you face as an artist? Is the creative block a common problem?

– Biggest challenge is bargaining with charges. If we artists are charging a certain amount it is because we are working the best for you and you are buying a service from us. And ART IS NOT FOR FREE! This basic hygiene is what the world needs to know and understand.

Yes, creative block is a very common problem. There are days when we, in general, don’t feel like working out or do exercise or eat healthily or probably meditate. There are days when our body needs just to chill. Likewise, the right brain stops responding to the blank canvas. It just needs a break. It’s very important that we distract and do other things like watching movie or eat out and give that needed rest to your right brain.

 Q. Which current art world trends are you following, if any?

– Toonme trend

Q. Apart from being an artist, what are your hobbies?

– Bake cake and sleep! 😊

Q. Please share your experience with different brands/projects you have worked with?

– Working with brands like, Google, Snap Chat, Cadbury, Indigo, Femina, Living Foodz, TOI and many more have been such an insightful experience. And it grooms you more as an artist.

Q. Would you like to give a word of advice to all the budding artists who are trying to make their mark through their art?

– two commonly asked question budding artists ask:

a) How can I earn money out of my art? – PLEASE don’t run behind money at the beginning. Make your art such worthy that people ask you the price of it. Not request you for another artwork for free. And b) How do I find my style? – Please understand that it is in you, first. Then check out all the artist, pick your favourite one in terms of workstyle not inert personal skills. Then practice all their work (make a point to copy and draw their style in private for self-improvement – don’t upload their artwork claiming yours, it’s a big NO NO). Eventually you will end up doing what you love doing the most. The output you love the most. And that’s your style. Like, I like artwork with lots of light and shade and textures. I don’t like artwork with bold back outlines. Similarly you know what you love the most and that’s your style.

Q. What are your future plans for your page and profile? Are you happy with the way it has shaped up?

– Future plans are kind of secret for now. You will get to know about it soon. Yes, pretty much. I am overwhelmed with the entire journey and the current situation.

Q. Lastly, any word for our blog? Thank you for your time!

– I think it’s a great initiative that you guys have taken to showcase artists from the various medium. Kudos to you guys. Lots of love.

Thank you, Sumouli for taking out time to talk to us, and having such a wonderful and heart-to-heart conversation. We love your work and look forward to your continuously bringing more happiness and sunshine to our feed! All the best ❤

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