In Conversation with Product Photographer: Carlo De Nino

Product photography is a branch of commercial photography which is about accurately but attractively representing a product. The principal application of product photography is in product catalogues and brochures, with a proportion of product images also being used in advertising. It can be used by individual brands, e-commerce sites, websites for commercial use etc. This is a distinctive and interesting branch of photography which is still less explored. We at WeekendTrivia decided to do a series on Product Photographers and in general trying to understand it a bit more.

Today we have Carlo De Nino from Rome, Italy. His attention to details and letting the artistic emotions behind the lens transcend to his subjects are what makes his work unique and attractive. To know more read our conversation with Carlo.

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P.S. All the pictures and videos are owned by ©Carlo De Nino and reproduction in any form, without prior permission, is prohibited

The man behind the lens – Carlo De Nino

Q. Would you kindly introduce yourself to our reader? Along with the genre of your photography and on which project are you working currently? 

A: Hi everyone, my name is Carlo De Nino, I’m a photographer from Rome Italy. I mainly deal with still life photography and most of my images are made with the light painting technique

Q. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

A: Having a simple and recognizable style is a great achievement for me.

Q.  What attracts you to your genre? Whose work has influenced you most?

A: I find it very stimulating to create an interesting image with few elements of daily use. My main source of inspiration are the painters of the 1600s. I love their way of seeing and managing light.

Q. Is it important to have any professional training to be a photographer? Did you have any at the time you set off your journey? 

A: Like many other photographers, I started with a basic course of a few weeks, in which I learned the basic concepts of photography, but then I realized that it was not the right direction. I understood that I had to experiment alone, look for information, study other photographers and other arts such as cinema, painting etc. My hunger for knowledge brought me here!

Q. When you go in one of your photo-shoots which one is your favorite lens and why do you prefer it?

A: I work with a Canon EF 100 Macro 2.8 L for most of the shooting, I love its sharpness and blur even at f16

Q. How important is the light in product photography? How do you find your perfect sets of lights?

A: Light is the most important thing in my photography. I think every object can become interesting if it is well lit. Even a good composition can be ruined by incorrect lighting, so I spend a lot of time on this aspect

Q. Do you find it difficult than other kinds of photography? If yes then why?

A: No. I think every type of photography has its secrets and requires skills.

Q. A “Good Camera can make a Picture perfect” do you believe this myth?

A: The camera does not take photos on its own. A good brush and precious paints will not make you a painter. What is most important is what you have to say, what emotions you can convey. The camera is only a medium for expressing what you have inside. Having said that, it is certainly better to have good equipment. For example, I have had a Canon 6d for many years and was very happy, but since I upgraded to the 5d mark iv I have reduced the time spent in post-production thanks to the better dynamic range.

Q. What is that you have adhered and learned through photography over the years?

A: I learned to take care of the details because very often they make a difference.

Q. When are you doing product photography what is you first priority? The expectation of your client or the creative ideas that you have?

A: My priority is to express my creativity and usually I only accept projects that I consider close to my vision.

Q. Which post processing software you use for your pictures? 

A: Photoshop definitely

Q. Which type of backdrop or light do you suggest for the beginners? And where to find them?

A: To start practicing, a window and a wooden table is sufficient. Then you can buy two or three LED lights to try different light schemes. As a background, I started with a simple wood panel covered with wallpaper

Q. Name the last photography book/journal that you read.

A: None

Q. Nowadays almost everyone has access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other amateur photographer? 

A: In my opinion, what is really important is the emotion that a photograph conveys. Of course, being a professional photographer requires many responsibilities and skills that are not necessary for an amateur.

Q. Any quick message for our blog? Thanks for your time!

A: Thanks to the team of weekend trivia for this interview. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, Carlo, for being so kind and taking time to talk with us! We loved your inputs and insights. We look forward to your excellent work even more and wish you all the very best for all future projects

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