In Conversation with Photographer – Dimitri Dimoulis

Product photography is a branch of commercial photography which is about accurately but attractively representing a product. The principal application of product photography is in product catalogues and brochures, with a proportion of product images also being used in advertising. It can be used by individual brands, e-commerce sites, websites for commercial use etc. This is a distinctive and interesting branch of photography which is still less explored. We at WeekendTrivia decided to do a series on Product Photographers and in general trying to understand it a bit more.

Today we are talking with Dimitri Dimoulis from Greece. He specializes in capturing knives in a unique and striking way. He also dabbles in other forms of photography such as Wildlife and macro photography. Its a pleasure to watch him capture his subjects in such a captivating manner. Read on to know more about his views on the subject.

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P.S. All the pictures and videos are owned by ©Dimitri Dimoulis and reproduction in any form, without prior permission, is prohibited

Q. Would you kindly introduce yourself to our reader? Along with the genre of your photography and on which project are you working currently?

My name is Dimitri, I’m a hobby photographer based in Greece. I mostly do product photography, but I’m exploring more photography genres and trying to widen my field of expertise. I’m currently experimenting with macro and wildlife photography, while also improving my product photography with lots of new ideas.

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Dimitri Dimoulis

Q. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I’m still considerably new to the world of photography since I’ve only been doing it for a year, but one of my biggest achievements would probably be the time I collaborated with a well known knife company and got some photos for them.

Q.  What attracts you to your genre? Whose work has influenced you most?

I didn’t originally know I liked photography or even that I was going to experiment with it. I made an instagram account and started taking photos of my knives, simply because I wanted to have them all showcased in one place. As that was happening I realized that I had a passion for photography and tried to become a professional. As a result of that beginning I was mostly attracted to product photography, since it was what got me into photography. While practicing I was influenced by many photographers such as Jordi Koalitic and Peter McKinnon, who both try to help and inspire aspiring photographers with fresh ideas and guides.

Q. Is it important to have any professional training to be a photographer? Did you have any at the time you set off your journey?

In my opinion, professional training is not a necessity, even though it will certainly make things easier. Like many skills photography can be self taught and I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can become a great photographer if they invest enough time and passion. I myself started with no professional training, learning on my own, practicing and getting inspiration and help from other photographers.

Q. When you go in one of your photo-shoots which one is your favorite lens and why do you prefer it?

When I go in one of my photo shoots I always bring my trusty canon 100mm macro lens, as you can really photograph anything with it and get great quality. I prefer it because it’s great for product and portrait photography, as well as being a great multitool with the ability to be used in lots of other genres of photography

Q. How important is the light in product photography? How do you find your perfect sets of lights?

Light is certainly a very important thing in product photography. Professional lights can greatly effect the quality of the photo and completely change the outcome. Not having a budget for professional lighting is not a reason to worry though. You can still get great photographs using household items and natural light, as long as you know how to use them right.

Q. A “Good Camera can make a Picture perfect” do you believe this myth?

While a good camera can arguably improve a picture, it’s mostly up to the photographer to make it perfect. Not having the best equipment is no excuse to not get into photography. Using everything that is available a good photographer can still get a great picture and in that way make money to buy the “perfect” equipment to become more professional and improve their photography

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Q. What is that you have adhered and learned through photography over the years?

Over the years of experimenting and practising with photography, I’ve learned a couple of things that I live by. While getting inspiration from other photographers is a good thing, you shouldn’t compare your work to theirs, because it will only dissatisfy you. Whenever you perfect a part of your photography use it to your advantage but don’t stick to it, photographers should always aim higher and try to improve and change.

Q. When doing product photography what is you first priority?

When shooting I always make sure to remember the client’s expectations and demands, while also using my creativity to implement my own style in the photos to make them unique. That way clients will pick you over other photographers because of the uniqueness and creativity you put into your photos.

Q. Which post-processing software you use for your pictures?

I edit my photos with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Using them to fix things or give the pictures my style.

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Q. Which type of backdrop or light do you suggest for the beginners? And where to find them?

I highly suggest the Aputure Amaran light because the quality is great and it is very easy to carry around and use while also having a reasonable price. It can be found on Amazon or other online stores

Q. Name the last photography book/journal that you read.

The last photography book I read was the “The Art of Photography” by Bruce Barnbaum. It was an enjoyable read and I learned quite a bit from it. The author does a great job at capturing all angles of photography and is very insightful

Q. Nowadays almost everyone has access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other amateur photographer?

I believe that a professional photographer is someone that has lots of passion for photography, always striving to improve and learn. They have their own style, they’re very creative and can get great pictures with any equipment or subject.

Thank you, Dimitri, for being so kind and taking time to talk with us! We loved your inputs and insights. We look forward to your excellent work even more and wish you all the very best for all future projects

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