Digital Artist Series – Interview with Poulami Chakraborty (@pouume.e)

The world has gone Digital so why not art? The evolution of digital art has bought revolutionary changes in the art sector. Art is more accessible now, and thanks to various social media platforms, you can connect to the artists all the more easily and enjoy, learn, pursue or purchase art as you wish too. With a myriad of excellent apps and hundreds of useful tutorials, there is no limit to what you can achieve through digital art. Team Weekendtrivia have had the chance to know some wonderful digital artists creating unique arts in their own niche. And we are doing an interview series with such artists. Hop on and enjoy the ride..!

Sometimes you get the opportunity to work with people whom you love so much that one sort of does a whoop-whoop dance in mid-air, lose your balance and fall 😀 Then you realize its actually true. Same thing happened to us when Poulami Chakraborty agreed for this interview. We love her work, her spontaneity, her presentation so much that it is fair enough to say that she is one of our favourites. Getting to know her has made us love her more. She is so genuine, so talented and so free-spirited that it’s hard not to… Please read on to know more about her and discover her skills.

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P.S. All the pictures and videos are owned by ©Poulami Chakraborty and reproduction in any form, without prior permission, is prohibited

Q. Please introduce yourself.

I am Poulami Chakraborty, a self-taught artist from Kolkata. I draw as a therapy to control my anxiety and stress.

I belong to a middle class family and grew up believing to make my parents proud by keeping up my grades and to get a respected job. So I chose to leave my hometown and pursue But now I am following my passion and a freelancer (beside my study) who is blessed enough to afford all essential props required for sketching with my own earnings. Perhaps the best opportunity I received to share the responsibilities with my father and stand beside my family.

Q. What made you start your art page? Please share what is your Instagram profile is all about and how did your journey start?

So I got introduced to art when my mother who is not from any art background used to teach me and my sister using diagrams and somehow I found that enticing. Since then I started scribbling seeing books (Actually, I don’t know if I can call them a drawing even 🙂 )

Later, almost after 9 to 10 years I discovered my father’s incredible talent in arts and crafts piled up in his suitcase. He used to draw in his leisure but with responsibilities added he never took it forward.

I am showing some of his 1980’s artworks here…

So the main reason behind my art page is my college (hahaha). Thankfully I got scholarship from college that supported my family to some extent but I couldn’t heave a sigh of relief unless I returned them some of the expenses they beared for my education. Along with the monetary expenses. Their sacrifices mattered most which of course cannot be measured still I was wondering for a way to contribute in my family’s expenses just to share the burden.

At the same time, as I went to college each day I realised everyone loved what they’re studying because their dream was to be an Engineer, not mine! Normally I used to get bored with lecture classes, lab classes and all.

Poulami Chakraborty

So I started sketching on paper. Some days later I found an app (Medibang paint) in play store for drawing and I started to draw on phone with my fingers to reduce the level of my stress, boredom and anxiety! And opened this page and started post all of these here.

Q. Is being an artist your full-time profession or do you work elsewhere? Is it possible to make out a sustainable career out of art in today’s world?

Right now I am a student so it’s not my full time profession yet but honestly I have such plans. I think if I follow my passion I can prosper more in my field and will definitely enjoy my work.

And yes, it’s possible. You just have to work harder day by day, find and improve your style of artwork and definitely practice to outdone yourself.

Q. What would you consider your biggest achievement so far?

Biggest achievement is shouldering responsibilities with my father and affording all my own expenses. The fact that I can financially support my family and also people in need makes me super happy.

And I am satisfied that my artwork is evolving everyday.

Q. What is your signature style of art that represents you as an artist? What does your work aim to say? Do you address current world scenarios through your work?

I love to stay positive and spread positive vibes through my artwork, just a mere attempt to make everyone smile after a hectic day. 

Melancholy is mostly the subject of my artwork.

My signature style is story narration through my artworks and I mostly love experimenting with lights and Colours. I also do comics based on my own life activities or my favourite memories and also do character designs.

Well, just the imagination of describing the current world scenarios through my artworks shivers down my spine. Clearly, I don’t know how to portray but hoping for the best. “WE SHALL OVERCOME”

Q. What is your favourite medium to work upon? And your favourite work tools?

I love to draw on everything and everywhere with whatever drawing tools I possess till now so there is no such particular medium.

And here are all my artwork tools…

Q. When you start a new piece of art, how do you get the inspiration/motivation it? How long does it take approximately to finish one piece of art?

I just sit with my canvas, pen, pencil and Colors and paint my soul out. And about time taking, it solely depends on my mood.

Q. Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence is always my last piece of artwork. Whatever I draw today becomes my inspiration for the next day because all I want is to outdone myself.

And also appreciation matters the most for me

Q. How do you manage your family life along with other commitments and running a page?

I never really put an effort in managing as everything falls in place automatically for me. I love to draw and it was never tiring or burden for me. And I am extremely lucky to have people’s support so balancing everything gets a lot more easier from studies to household chores.

By the way, I am the ultimate master of cramming for exams. So it is easy to balance my study with this. 😀

Q. What are the biggest challenges that you face as an artist? Is creative block a common problem?

The proper usage of lights and colors is most challenging for me as I am self-taught. So I personally follow the procedure of imagining, experimenting and then drawing.

No, Actually Ideas often strikes in my mind and I paint down immediately. So creative block is not a common problem for me.

 Q. Which current art world trends are you following, if any?

I follow all kind of artwork trends as I appreciate and love all varieties of artworks.

 Q. Apart from being an artist, what are your hobbies?

Watching Disney movies, cartoons, anime and thinking. 😀

Q. Please share your experience with different brands/projects you have worked with?

I worked with several brands and on several projects but particularly I cannot name them.

And I enjoy working in an informal way that gives me more comfort and freedom to use my own imagination. 🙂

Q. There are a lot of shoddy people on social media who either try to discredit others or stalk them. How do you deal with such people or negativity in general? Does it bog you down or affect your mental peace?

Yes, in the initial days it affected my mental peace. I used to be so distressed that I couldn’t work for a day or two and just end up hampering my own work but now I learnt ignoring as I realised that they can only steal my artwork but not my creativity.

Q. Would you like to give a word of advice to all the budding artists who are trying to make their mark through their art?

I am still a novice but I can share own experience if it helps.

Just practice, practice and practice. I strongly believe “Practice makes a man perfect”. If you can draw perfectly with pen and paper you don’t have to request other artists to show how to draw digitally.

Just put up your style and creativity with your own capabilities as you can be your best teacher. 🙂

Q. What are your future plans for your page and profile? Are you happy with the way it has shaped up?

Yes I am both lucky and happy as I never requested anyone for promotion and never thought a way out to increase my followers I just poured my soul out in my paintings and gave my best and people showered me with so much love and blessings that I am very much grateful to them. I polished my art styles with the hope of improving and this is how i built my Instagram family whose support and appreciation gave me more power and enthusiasm to do better everyday.

Q. Lastly, any word for our blog? Thank you for your time!

Yes, yes.

Thank you so much for having me.

You can provide a great platform where introverts like me can express their feelings. I hesitate to do live sessions thus couldn’t grab the opportunity to speak up as an influencer in different college platforms though got so many opportunities till now.

Keep sharing keep growing. All the best. ❤

Ending the article with a beautiful rendition in Poulami’s elder sister’s beautiful voice..

Thank you, Poulami dear, for taking out time to talk to us, and having such a wonderful and heart-to-heart conversation. Team WeekendTrivia loves your work and looks forward to your continuously bringing more happiness and sunshine on our feed. All the best ❤

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