My Quarantine Story – By Shraddha Rane

The year is 2020. A deadly virus named COVID-19. And the whole world has been put to a halt…

Yes, by now we know all that there is know about the Coronavirus which has both shook the entire world and brought it to a halt. We have been locked in our homes. We have had to stay confined to the four corners of our home with nowhere to go. Social and physical distancing, quarantine, santitizer these are the new terms with which we are adapting to our new reality. Wearing masks and gloves is our new normal. The global economy has taken a hit like never. People are losing their jobs, there is a travel ban everywhere. It seems that Nature has finally put things to a halt.

And amidst all these crisis, it is really very tough to keep a positive hope in our lives. But let us hear a hands-on experience of what it feels to live with the Virus.

Shraddha Rane, a young girl from Maharashtra, India has experienced this situation upfront because both her parents had been tested positive for COVID-19. She shares her journey and her experiences about going through this whole emotional and tough time while being quarantined. She has written an book on her experiences called “Home Quarantined – a story of hope, inspiration and kindness” which she has published on Amazon as an e-book.

Shraddha Rane

WeekendTrivia recommends that you read this book to gain a first hand experience and also to understand how to get positivity during this tough time. We are linking the source to her e-book here.

You can follow Shraddha on Instagram – shraddharane23

Read the E-book here

Here’s a small excerpt of her tale. In her own words.

Quarantine was going good. I had adjusted to the work from home schedule quite well. In the Corona times, being alive is the most important thing. But I couldn’t afford to waste this time that was at my disposal. It was a blessing in disguise for me and so I grabbed it with open arms. I utilised this lockdown period to read more, write more and learn new blogging skills on Udemy. I continued writing blogs every Sunday, and the blogs talked about how to survive and take care of our mental health amidst the lockdown. 

Everything was going fine until my father fell sick. Falling ill in the times of a pandemic was undesirable. In the early days of his fever, I tried fighting back a hundred negative thoughts trying to prove Napoleon Hill wrong. But as he says, “Thoughts are things”, my thoughts turned real. My parents were tested COVID-19 positive. It was a difficult phase of my life but I had my neighbours by my side in this weird situation. Their superior acts of kindness are too big to be thanked for. 

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I was home quarantined as I was in immediate contact with my parents. On the tenth day, as loneliness struck in and I had an urge to talk to someone I ended up hitting the keyboard rigorously because writing is the only therapy that I’ve mastered. And then there was no stopping. I penned down everything that was going around, how I felt and what all I did to keep myself sane. That first piece of writing was then made as a Prologue for my ebook – “Home Quarantined – a story of hope, inspiration and kindness”.

Not in my wildest dreams had I thought of writing this book, ever. But now that it is right there on Amazon, to my surprise it’s inspiring the readers. The reviews are unexpectedly beautiful and warm. To be honest, I wrote “Home Quarantined” to compile my COVID-19 experience in one place as a single blog wasn’t enough. But little did I know that the book would inspire so many people. Now I wish, it keeps inspiring more and more people and plants a ray of hope in them.”

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Thank you Shraddha for sharing your story and your experiences with us. We are very proud of you. Both of how you tackled this situation and also of coming to this excellent idea of writing down your experiences. We wish you and your family safe health and best wishes for the future.

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