Everyone loves a cool piece of gadget which is smart and improve our lives considerably and smartly. And when it comes to photography, you can now click amazing pictures with your cell-phone itself without breaking your bank with the help pf certain add-on accessories. It is surprising but honestly, the marvels of technology have done wonders for the world.

Well to cut things short, we love these smart gadgets and we love it even more when they come real cheap 😉

You can avail all of these products from Amazon and just in case you want them, we will make it easier for you and link the products below.

So hey hey, we are gonna help you with just that! Giving you a list of such cool stuff which you can (and must) own without burning a hole in your pocket.

Telescope Cell Phone Lens Kit

This telephoto lens is absolutely amazing for taking a photo from distance, you will get the clearer photo instead of a blurry image, can make your phone turn into a super telescope. Best product under this budget at the moment.

Comes with 1 year Warranty.

Price: 399

Click here to buy from : AMAZON

3 in 1 Magic Mobile Lens

To be very honest within this budget you cant find a good product for wide and macro lens. But still this one is really good. We are very happy with the result compare to the other products available in the market under this budget.

Price: 399

Click here to buy from: AMAZON

Waterproof Pouch For Underwater Photography

Now for underwater photography you dont need to buy expensive action camera anymore. you can do that with you own mobile by using a waterproof pouch. a lot of brands are making this pouches now but here is the most useful one for any shape or size of mobile.

Price: 299

Click here to buy from : AMAZON

Selfie Ring Light with 3 Modes

taking selfies in low lights is absolutely difficult and tough, well not anymore. The best part of this selfie ring has 3 light modes to choose from, unlike many other brands. You can use it with your tab or laptop’s webcam also.

Price: 349

Click here to buy from : AMAZON

Flexible Octopus Foldable Mini Tripod For Mobile Phone

one of the most common accessory of this list. Almost every professional photographer have to use to at some point whether with DSLR or with mobile. This is a “Must have” product for photographers

Price: 499

Click here buy from: AMAZON

Professional Cleaning Kit 

We usually ignore the importance of having a cleaning kit. but is as important as any professional thing, even for your mobile. To avoid soft and blurry images or colour distortion we need to clear our mobile lens regularly.

Price: 258

Click here to buy from: AMAZON

Camera Lens Fiber Screen Protector

Another important thing for mobile photography. many of us bother about our mobile display how many of us take care of our mobile lens? well, we should start protecting it now. lens protector is available for almost any brand and any model these days, find yours and start taking care of your mobile lens NOW!

Price: 69 onwards

Click to buy from: AMAZON

Bluetooth Remote Controller Shutter Button for Mobile

Do you know you don’t have to use your mobile time and rush to your place just to be in a group photo? instead, use the remote controller for clicking images with your phone. This product is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Price: 169

Click here to buy from: AMAZON

Clip-on Noise Cancelling Mic

If you are a YouTuber or a professional Vloger or a Videographer then you must have an external mic for voice over. Here is one of the best clip-on mic for your mobile devices for both android and iOS under this budget available in the market now.

Price: 299

Click here to buy from: AMAZON

All in One USB Hub Combo

While we are in an assignment there is very little time to transfer files into another devices and make space in your memory card. here is another must have products for professional photographers, a USB hub combo. You can directly plug in your memory card and transfer data into pen drive or external hard drive or even to tour mobile in high speed.

Price: 399

Click here to buy from: AMAZON

So go ahead get the goodies, and enjoy!

All source: Amazon

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