Book Club With Tania Sarkar- Lanka’s Princess Book Review

Continuing with our Book review series with Guest author – Tania Sarkar

Books we feel are the most important element in our lives and slowly with growing years, the habit of reading good books have vastly been replaced with things such as Social Media. The concurrent result of which is that our general ability to think clearly is clouded or have detailed knowledge about any subject has deteriorated. So in an effort to make the young generation read again, we are going to continue with this series.

About Tania: Tania has completed graduation with English honours. Then She has done Masters in Library and information Science. Currently pursuing M.Phil in Library and Information Science. She loves to read books. Although, she reads any type of book, but her main interest is in mythology. She loves animals and has a quirky and satirical way of looking into a particular situation.

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Today’s review – Lankas’ Princess by Kavita Kane

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We all are familiar with the stories of Ramayana. The war between Ram and Ravana, the cause of it, the heroism the warriors showed. But have you ever thought how it would have been if it was narrated by Surpanakha? Yes, the famous (or, infamous!) sister of Ravan! Kavita Kane’s fourth book Lanka’s Princess(published in 2017) is the book that brings the familiar story of Ramayana narrated from the point of view of Surpanakha.

Born as Meenakshi, the daughter of Kaikesi and Sage Vishravas, the little girl disappointed her mother on the very day she was born, the reason being she was a girl child and her mother expected a son. She lacked the attention from her mother in the entire childhood as the mother always paid attention to her sons because she wanted to get their lost kingdom, Lanka back and Kaikesi believed this was only possible by her sons. Her father was happy to have her after three sons- Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vivishana, but he was always busy with his sons’ education. The only people paid attention to Meenakshi were her grandparents and uncles who taught her Magic. Meenakshi was constantly criticized for her action in the childhood.

As the story progresses, we find Ravan took back Lanka from their stepbrother Kuber. Meenakshi became the princess of Lanka immediately. In Lanka, Meenakshi was often showered with jewellery and expensive gifts, but again she did not get the attention from her family which she craved for. Her mother started looking for brides for her brothers and ignored her. At Ravan’s marriage, she fell in love with Vidyujiva because he paid the attention to her which she always wanted. But Vidyujiva was Ravan’s enemy. In spite of being threatened by her own family, she married Vidyujiva. But Vidyujiva was killed in the battlefield by Ravana. Mad with grief she promised to take revenge on Ravana and decided to prepare her son Kumar to take the revenge. Leaving the palace, she decided to live in Dandak. But she lost her son as well. Losing her son she decided to become Surpanakha- the woman as hard as nails. Dandak is the place where she met Ram-Laxman-Sita and she planned the revenge in a different way. But the things did not go as she planned and she got herself maimed by Laxman. She returned to Ravan and cried about being maimed. The protective brother, mad with rage, abducted Sita. What happened next we all know. But there remain a few things between the abduction and the war, for which you have to read the book.

Writing a mythological-fiction is very difficult. Because you cannot change the well-known facts and if you cannot present something new, the reader will not be interested to read your book. Kavita Kane in her book did it with ease. The language is lucid. What attracts me most is its portrayal of characters. All the characters are drawn very carefully. The plot is well-defined with no unnecessary stretching or abrupt ending. The plot makes the reader think if really Surpanakha was the reason for the war or she herself was the victim. To find out the answer, the reader has to read the book. While reading the book, the reader will have the freedom to decide how they feel about Surpanakha, but surely their perspective will change. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Goodreads has a rating of 3.8/5(1,185 ratings). I would like to give it 4.5/5.

Are you enjoying this section? Will you read this book? Let us know in the comments below

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