This is the story of a group of talented young actors whose love for theatre has brought them together to create something unique and noteworthy. They call themselves Bichitro – not strange but remarkable. Hailing from West Bengal, these guys have created some thought-provoking plays, chits, poetry which they publish on YouTube. Here they have come together with a beautiful recital of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Mone Pora”. Read on to know more about them.

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BICHITRO – literally meaning ‘Strange’ in Bengali – one may rightly translate it as ‘Remarkable’, if one has to consider this small group of passionate theater lovers from the suburbs of Calcutta. Bichitro started as a group of individuals, as early as in 2016 and they have been consistently staging their works over the past few years, touching the hearts of people, theater-lovers, friends and well-wishers regularly. Their work is passionate. They search for the untold nuances of life and beautifully depict them on the proscenium as well as on the other social media platforms, staying closer to the classical works and bringing in a fresh air on stage through their performances.

They started their journey with ‘Bibhab’ a classic by Shambhu Mitra, the master himself – however it was staged as an amateur production at that time. Bichitro emerged with their first professional production in January 2017 with their play ‘Briddhashram’: a touching story of a reunion between two old friends at such a place where they were least supposed to find each other. The journey of an unfinished love coming to a culmination after a gap of decades – a play of colour and remembrance, ‘Briddhashram’ was staged at the Boys’ Own Library Hall, at Hatibagan on a January day in 2017 to a full-house audience.

Briddhashram’ was followed by their next production ‘Phoon’ in January 2018 again at the same location, a one-man play depicting the struggle of a commoner with his artistic feelings – who is bound by his obligations to his family and to his office-boss but who wishes to stretch his passionate wings, which the society is too determined to keep in chains. The protagonist describes his days work to the audience, and expresses his desires for love and colors only to find him in the shackles, so tightly bound around him – which he could never escape in his life.

In August 2019, Bichitro could presents their third title, ‘Golpo’tar Naam Ki’, at the Boys’ Own Library, Haibagan in front of a jam-packed auditorium. The play rotates around the life of Siddhewar Ghosh, a retired theatre personality who stays as a ‘refuge’ with a lady, also tormented out in her life and together they struggle with their own values in this ever-changing society. Help comes in a strange manner. However, the rebel in Siddheswar refuses to take alms in return of his art and refuses the insult bestowed upon him. The play ends on a tragic note but the characters drawing huge rounds of applause from the audience, which sat enthralled for full two and a half hours to find the answer, ‘Golpo’tar Naam Ki’, what could have been the name indeed? Bichitro continues to ask life – what if, what’s really in her nuances? Why indeed … the play goes on, for eternity.

Apart from the proscenium, Bichitro – on their Youtube Channel, post regular updates on their activities. Their first short film, entitled ‘Protibimbo’ released here.

The story of ‘Protibimbo’

Protibimbo – Bengali Short film

 It tells us about a wrecked theater personality who has lost his face in a devastating fire, and he who revisits the proscenium at nights together to seek his long lost love for the stage, his passion for the crowds, and his attachment to the theater. Bichitro, tries to establish a bridge between the screen and the stage and tries to pose the question – are they different, are they – really? The audience has to decide for that.


Bhumi – Short Film

This is another short film on the farmers and their crisis, their pains and their revolts which are seldom reported on the mainstream channels. The heart-rending stories of their losses, their painstaking lives are beautifully depicted on the screen by the casts. As the song of the fields grows to a close, the call of the soil is revisited through this production – Bichitro establishes that, their work is not ‘something strange’ on today’s map, but they are ‘something different’, their passion speaks for them, and it will with all your love and support in the future.

Their last production had been the short presentation, ‘Mone Pora’,  based on a poem by Tagore –

About ‘Mone Pora’

The older self of a child returns to his maternal place to search for the memories of his long gone mother, at the riverside. The river and the trees, the overcast sky and the shadows play a mesmerizing role as the director takes one shot after another, the musical presentation along with the voice-rendition – indicates that, Bichitro is no more a group to be ignored, to be considered as new-bloods – but as a movement, where the collective replaces the individual – and where one speaks of his passionate love for the proscenium, for the artistic journey of a man, till his life’s end. Bichitro, the vibrancy is already there on the horizon. The flood will come, and it will come soon.

A theater with a difference – the name stands for it.

Special thanks to the members: Sayan Sarkar, Mayurika Mukherjee, Suvo Saha, Subhendu Saha, Sourav Sarkar,  Suchanda Mondal and Amartya Banerjee. May they conquer many more peaks to come…

Team WeekendTrivia applauds the team of Bichitro for their endeavours and wishes them all the best for the future.

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