Book Club with Tania Sarkar – Karna’s Wife Book Review

Book Review Episode 4 : With Guest Author Tania Sarkar

Books we feel are the most important element in our lives and slowly with growing years, the habit of reading good books have vastly been replaced with things such as Social Media. The concurrent result of which is that our general ability to think clearly is clouded or have detailed knowledge about any subject has deteriorated. So in an effort to make the young generation read again, we are going to continue with this series.

About Tania: Tania has completed graduation with English honours. Then She has done Masters in Library and information Science. Currently pursuing M.Phil in Library and Information Science. She loves to read books. Although, she reads any type of book, but her main interest is in mythology. She loves animals and has a quirky and satirical way of looking into a particular situation.

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Today’s Book : Karna’s Wife : The Outcast’s Queen By Kavita Kane

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I personally feel Mahabharata truly depict the realities, ups and downs of life. Very few epics can give political lessons like Mahabharata. The battle for the throne of Hastinapur between cousins leads to many deaths from both the Pandava and Kaurav sides. How Karna the best friend of duryodhana died in the battle is known to all. Kavita Kane’s karna’s wife: the outcast’s queen (published in 2014 by Rupa publications India) is the story of Karna through the eyes of his wife Uruvi, showing the good deeds of the tragic hero of Mahabharata.

Uruvi, the princess of Pukeya falls for sutaputra Karna on the very day when she first sees him. She chooses him over Arjuna at her Swayamvar, knowing this will lead to turmoil. Their marriage was not between same caste or same social standards. Uruvi knew she had to fight with everyone because of her decision. As the story progresses, we see Uruvi becomes Karna’s confidante, guiding and telling him what is wrong and what he should do.

This book depicts Karna’s qualities very well. Karna is not essentially a bad man, but he was a victim of fate. He was abandoned by his queen mother after birth when he was an infant. Brought up by shooter parents he was always insulted by upper castes. The only person who admires him for his talent and not birth status who was Duryodhana and his association with Duryodhana finally brings his downfall.

Though the book was named Karna’s Wife, the main story is about Karna. Uruvi plays the role of conscience of Karna, telling him his wrongs and showing him the right path. Karna and Uruvi’s relationship, the strong bond they shared works as the background of the battle of kurukshetra. Though Uruvi did not have much to do in changing the fate, Kane showed the character of UruVi  as a strong woman who always wanted to keep Karna in the right track. Though eventually Karna meets his fate, it will not be wrong to say that Uruvi does justice to the old saying “behind every successful man there is a woman”.

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The plot, chapterisations of the book, characterization is strong. Each chapter offers stories from Mahabharata while blending it with some fiction. There are a few flaws of the book. First is that the book does not have much new facts to offer. There are some facts which are not well explained and some facts which are unnecessarily stretched. For example, will Karna know the story of his words and describes it to Uruvi, there are some unnecessary descriptions. These flaws could be taken care of.

An Indian channel started a show named Karna Sangini in 2018 based on this book.

Goodreads has a rating of 3.86 stars out of 5 (3980 ratings), I would like to give it 4 stars.

The perfect blend of mythology and modern storytelling sure seems like a recipe for something good. Do give it a read and let us know.

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