Winner (2nd Runners Up) of Durga Puja Photography Contest 2k20-Krishnendu Saha

As most of you must know, WeekendTrivia hosts an annual Durga Puja contest every year and this year the contest was divided into two categories – Photography and Art. We received an overwhelming response from all of you and we are immensely grateful for that.

Today we are interviewing the Winner – 1st Runners up of the Photography category: Krishnendu Saha You can follow him on Instagram – @krishnendu_click. Please read on to know more about him.

We thank our photography judge – Sanjoy Sengupta (@sanjoysengupta) and our Sponsor – Bong Photography for helping and supporting us in this endeavour.

Krishnendu Saha

Q. Congratulations!!! It must feel good to beat other 650+ pictures and 100+ other fellow participants… Can you please give your introduction to our viewers?

A: I am Krishnendu, a freelancer from Kolkata. My father inspired me to capture moments through a camera from the age when I was not able to hold it properly. Later in life, I have learned from almost every photo that I have seen and slowly discovered a deep desire for photography inside me. I feel lucky enough to find a perfect match between my passion and profession.

Q. If you don’t know let us tell you we have posted 20 interviews of famous photographers on our blog. How does it feel to be interviewed on the same platform as them?   

A: It is an absolute pleasure and honour that justifies all my hard work.

Q. What is your favourite genre of photography and why?

A: Street and Event Photography are my favourite genres because I love to freeze candid moments and capture the true emotions of people.

Q. Which gear you use? For how long you are doing it?

A: I’m using Nikon D750 along with 24-120mm as my primary gear. I’m doing it for the last 3 years

Q. Do you want to take photography as your prime profession or is it already your profession? 

A: I have already chosen Photography as my profession.

Q. In the next five years where do you want to see yourself in the photographic world?

A: In the next 5 years, I would love to dream a nationwide recognition for my work.

Q. Whom do you admire the most in photography and why?

A: In photography, I admire Raghu Rai the most, because his frames tell a unique story every time.

Q. What are/is your biggest achievement so far?

A: I have participated in so many competitions across the country and won numerous accolades. My work has been well appreciated in the exhibitions also. I treat every award equally special for me, because it pushes me to extend my boundary.

Q. What do you want to say to the other budding photographers?

A: I would like to advise all budding photographers to capture stories, not just a photo and always try to find a better frame in their next click

Q. Have you visited our blog yet? What do you think of it?

A: Unfortunately I haven’t visited your blog yet, but I’m eager to read it soon..

Thank you for participating in our contest and team WeekendTrivia wishes you all the best for all your future endeavours

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