Book Club With Tania Sarkar – The Art of Being Grateful Book Review

Book Review Episode 5 : With Guest Author Tania Sarkar

Books we feel are the most important element in our lives and slowly with growing years, the habit of reading good books have vastly been replaced with things such as Social Media. The concurrent result of which is that our general ability to think clearly is clouded or have detailed knowledge about any subject has deteriorated. So in an effort to make the young generation read again, we are going to continue with this series.

About Tania: Tania has completed graduation with English honours. Then She has done Masters in Library and information Science. Currently pursuing M.Phil in Library and Information Science. She loves to read books. Although, she reads any type of book, but her main interest is in mythology. She loves animals and has a quirky and satirical way of looking into a particular situation.

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Today’s Book: The Art of Being Grateful and other short stories by Manali Manan Desai

The book is available in e-book format on Kindle and hardcover/ paperback format on Amazon

Buy it here –

Find the author on Instagram – @arusticmind and @bookish_witch88

Are you looking for some good stories? Do you want a book that has simple yet beautiful
language? Well, here is the answer for you! Grab the book by Manali Manan Desai – The Art of
Being Grateful and other short stories (published in 2020). This is a beautiful collection of 8
short stories written in a lucid language.

The author Manali with the Kindle version of her book.

The first story Warned in Love deals with Aashna receiving a call in midnight. Someone tells
Aashna that a girl is kidnapped. Who is the girl and why does she call Aashna? The story holds
the answers. The mysterious plot gives the reader freedom at the end of the story to decide the
fate of the girl.

The second story The Art of Being Grateful teaches the readers about being content with what
they have. We often are jealous of what others have. While looking at others, we often forget to
be grateful for what we have. The story is a wonderful eyeopener for everyone.

The third one, Unlike in the Movies is a wonderful story where Mayank and Tanvi, the two best
friends are often questioned whether they are in love. To know if they end up together as
couple, you must read the story.

The fourth story Self-happiness Above All revolves around the life of Maanvi. Maanvi’s life is
exactly like what most of us face in real life. There are people around us to ask questions and
demotivate in many ways. The story teaches us that self love and prioritising one’s own
happiness is of immense importance.

As You Please , the fifth one depicts the harsh realities that a married woman faces and the
sacrifices she is made to face to please others.

The sixth one, A Fairytale Christmas depicts the story of Kris, an innocent child. I personally like
this story the most. The innocence of childhood makes us believe in fairy tales and it is
innocence for what we spend our best time in childhood.

The seventh story Love in the Air describes what happens when introvert Prerna meets an old
friend in the journey of her most awaited solo trip.

The last story No Witnesses depicts the story of Sumit and Abhay. Sumit is about to tell Abhay a
harsh truth on his 18th birthday. How will Abhay react?

The uniqueness of the book lies in the beautiful blending of reality and fiction. Another unique
feature of the book is the use of quotations. The cherry on the top is the “bonus reading” section
which has many micro-tales and poems. The author very nicely pictured the pandemic
situation to which the readers can relate very well.

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Last but not the least I find the cover design and the pictures attached with the story outstanding, which is done very nicely by Khushi Chauhan. You can find her on her Instagram profile- @absolutelypiffle

Goodreads has a rating of 4.11 stars out of 5(100 ratings). I would like to give it 4.8 stars out of 5.

Have you read the book already? Let us know in the comments.

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