Interview with Jhilam Gupta: The Mind Behind the Viral “Saraswati Pujay Banglar Mukh Ami Dekhiyachi”

Meet the new comedy sensation who is creating a laughter storm across Facebook with her viral video – “Saraswati Pujoy Banglar Mukh Ami Dekhiyachi“. Our very own Banglar girl – Jhilam Gupta. An avid writer and reader, she juggles her professional and social life very well and has been creating content for about a year now. Unadulterated and straight from the heart, Jhilam creates comedy videos which she believes will be helpful in making people smile a bit more and connect all together. Team WeekendTrivia is excited to get an exclusive interview with the ‘Jhikimiki Tumpa” star.

Jhilam Gupta

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P.S. – All videos and photos are copyrighted to Jhilam Gupta, reproduction of the same in any format on any platform is strictly prohibited.

Q. Hi Jhilam! Hope you are doing great. First of all congratulations, that video was hilarious and on trending! That’s incredible. Now tell us something about yourself. 

I am Jhilam Gupta, a pure Bengali who loves to eat luchi and alur dom on lazy Sunday mornings and mutton kosha made by my mom at lunch. Other than that, I am someone who loves to write on anything and everything. 

I also love music. Currently, I am working as a professional lyricist and tune creator. You can search for “Shopner Khoj” by Shiekh Sadi and “Kakima” by Beardwali in YouTube to check out my work.

Q. How did you come up with such vivid ideas of the day? Did you really travel across the city to make this video? 

I actually took a cab and roamed around the city just to check out the ambience. I also boarded the tram to witness the frenzy of the day. Then there was the ferry ride that introduced me with the “Jhiki miki Tumpa” crowd. 

If you watch my video minutely, you’ll find that I have just relayed what I’ve seen on the day of Saraswati pujo. But it was my own set of funny words that made the video a little spicy.  

Q. When did you start on Facebook/YouTube? What inspired you to start and what is your prime content?

I started creating content during the lockdown period. One of my close friends suggested me to make videos on anything that I find funny. And fortunately, I find fun in almost everything. So, this is how the videos came one by one. To me, all of my videos are equally important and prime. I try to make videos on random topics that people can easily relate with.


Q. Which genre of audience do you mostly target?

I never target a specific group of audience. While shooting my videos, I just keep one thing in mind, and that is “my videos must make everybody laugh”. 

I feel a good laugh can connect all the members of a family with each other and if my videos become the reason of that good laugh, what can be better than that?

Q. Also, is being creator on Facebook and YouTube your primary profession or do you do this just as a hobby? If you have another job, how do you manage time between job and creating such videos?

I work in a private company that is based in another state. Fortunately I work from home and after my shift, I shoot my videos. Especially on the weekends, I walk a lot on the streets to observe people and the way they talk, laugh and react to things. 

This is what offers me content ideas. If I keep on getting impressive response through my videos, I will leave my current job and join the comedy circuit full time.

Q. You have thousands of followers but who do you follow personally? Who is your favorite YouTube or content creator?

I never had an idol ever in my life. I also don’t follow any content creator. However, I like watching the comedy of Varun Grover, Atul Khatri, Vir Das, Bhuvan Bam and Asish Chanchalani a lot. And there is our very own Mir who I think is a better writer than a standup comedian. I read some of his articles and they were wonderful.  

Q. Which social media is best for emerging video creator? Which one do you prefer the most? Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and why?

According to me, people who want to emerge as content creators, must start with those platforms that they are comfortable with. I personally prefer Facebook because there are loads of people in this platform. I am not that active in Instagram. I find the app as more of a fashion ramp where I can post my mirror selfies showing the back of an i-phone and my collection of Gucci shoes and bags from Versace. Now please don’t assume I have an i-phone and Gucci and Versace in my closet.  

Q. How long does it take to create a new video and to post it finally? What is the thought process?

I take 6 to 7 minutes to shoot a video as I never keep a written script handy. So, I save a lot of time that way. There is no thought process as such. I just start talking facing the camera and that’s it. 

Q. Which equipment you use for your videos and which software do you prefer for editing?

I use my phone and a tripod to shoot my videos. I used to edit my videos using Power Director software but now there is an agency that takes care of the editing part. 

Q. Any “Jhikimiki Tumpa” message for your viewers/audience? Any advice for the emerging content creator?

I am also an emerging content creator. But still, to the fellow creators, my humble suggestion will be, please make people laugh without using abusive words. And to my lovely viewers, here’s one jhiki miki tumpa message, haslo yaaron, kya pata, ye daant, kal ho na ho…stay blessed…stay happy…all my love….

Thank You Jhilam for having this wonderful conversation with us. We love your content and it sure does make us laugh a bit more! Keep creating and growing. All the best and love from team WeekendTrivia

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