Book Club With Tania Sarkar – Mali’s Collection of Selected Cartoons (Gallery 1)

Book Review Episode 6 : With Guest Author Tania Sarkar

Books we feel are the most important element in our lives and slowly with growing years, the habit of reading good books have vastly been replaced with things such as Social Media. The concurrent result of which is that our general ability to think clearly is clouded or have detailed knowledge about any subject has deteriorated. So in an effort to make the young generation read again, we are going to continue with this series.

About Tania: Tania has completed graduation with English honours. Then She has done Masters in Library and information Science. Currently pursuing M.Phil in Library and Information Science. She loves to read books. Although, she reads any type of book, but her main interest is in mythology. She loves animals and has a quirky and satirical way of looking into a particular situation.

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Today’s Book: Mali’s Collection of Selected Cartoons (Gallery 1) by Mahafuj Ali

The book is available in hardcover/ paperback format on Amazon India

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The Book Cover

Are you an art lover? Are you looking for some book which has illustrations with witty captions? Well, Mahafuj Ali’s book Mali’s Gallery 1 (Published by Sristsukh Prokashan in 2021) would exactly be the one for you. The book contains 100 of the artist’s favourite cartoons.

 Those who love arts, Mahafuj Ali is a familiar name for them as his works have been published in the leading newspapers of India.  Mahafuj Ali, one of the top cartoonists of India, who is a landscape architect by profession, has blended his imagination and his witty humor in this book very subtly. His artworks speak a lot about his experiences, and it is a delight to observe. He uses the pen name of Mali. He is also very active on social media.

Though MAli was born and brought up in West Bengal, he has lived in several cities of India for his higher education and work.  From an interview with Mahafuj Ali in our blog, we get to know that all the places he lived in, made a great impact on his thought process and drawings. The section “The people are the city” of this book reflects his words. In this section the artist portrays his “crazy experiences “ of various cities of India.

Read the Interview with Mali here :

In the next section “Life is a festival, but not just one…”  The artist illustrates several festivals that are celebrated in different parts of India.

There are several other sections in the book which include recent events of world ranging from politics to sports and what not. Every illustration of every section has very subtle satire in it.

In the interview with our blog, Mali told us that he does not follow any particular style for his illustrations, he goes for several styles in his work. He also told us that he believes in the element of fun and surprise when someone finds some subtle hidden element in the drawing. This book is the perfect picture of his words. All the illustrations of this book are based on current events which are familiar to everyone. Every illustration tells us a story. The satire or the fun element is hidden in the picture, you just need to find it.

One unique thing about the book is the blending of an event with a very popular story or character or comic. For instance, I would like to mention two illustrations here. One is the blending of Bengali New Year(Noboborsho) and very popular character of Satyajit Ray- Gupi-Bagha. Another one which I personally liked the most (of course I am a bit biased as I am a Harry Potter Fan) is the blending of Harry Potter’s Quidditch, broomstick, golden snitch and Arvind Kejriwal. The instances of blending are several.

All you need is just to grab the book and find the witty humor, the beautiful stories hidden in the illustrations and the captions that are perfect companions of the illustrations. Trust me, you will not be heartbroken.

Special thanks to Asmita Mukherjee for sending us the book for review.

Have you read the book already? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Book Club With Tania Sarkar – Mali’s Collection of Selected Cartoons (Gallery 1)

  1. This is the very first review of the artist MAli’s first published book . Unbiassed and well written review by Tania Sarkar. Thank you ,Weekend Trivia and Book Club with Tania Sarkar.


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