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Category: Featured Artists

GoPro! – The New Photography Sensation

GoPro is the new photography sensation which has gripped the entire fraternity of Photographers in a frenzy!. What is it? GoPro cameras are the world’s most versatile action cameras. It […]

The Lost Kingdom of Hampi, Revived Anew

This blog is essentially a Travelogue about the beautiful and ancient place of Hampi, yet it is an unusual Travelogue. Travelogues in a blog are written by personal experiences primarily. […]

Agomoni – Embodiment Of The Goddess

The life of Bengalis revolves around one major thing amongst most others predominantly – Durga Puja. While for most others, the annual cycle of the year is January – December, […]

An Artist’s Take On Independence

What does Independence mean to you? For us, it always means Freedom of Expression. The ability to express yourself in whichever form should be constant, free-flowing and never blocked by […]

Artists Who Do Wonders In Media Art

Media Art is an umbrella term for different forms of modern art. It includes – digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, illustrations, doodles and […]

Travel Photographers of India

Travel – it makes you a storyteller, a wanderer, an artist, a better person. Travel photography is a passionate thing, one cannot not have passion while capturing moments on the […]

Surokahon – A Beautiful Musical Journey

When you get a chance to meet some very talented musicians, you really feel thankful. Such is the case with us meeting Team Surokahon. Surokahon, which translates to the story […]