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Category: Popular Culture

GoPro! – The New Photography Sensation

GoPro is the new photography sensation which has gripped the entire fraternity of Photographers in a frenzy!. What is it? GoPro cameras are the world’s most versatile action cameras. It […]

Agomoni – Embodiment Of The Goddess

The life of Bengalis revolves around one major thing amongst most others predominantly – Durga Puja. While for most others, the annual cycle of the year is January – December, […]

Artists Who Do Wonders In Media Art

Media Art is an umbrella term for different forms of modern art. It includes – digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, illustrations, doodles and […]

Travel Photographers of India

Travel – it makes you a storyteller, a wanderer, an artist, a better person. Travel photography is a passionate thing, one cannot not have passion while capturing moments on the […]

The Hazards of Fake/Duplicate Makeup

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, makeup is that essential part of a women’s existence that we simply cannot get rid of. Even the woman who is […]

Best Theme Restaurants In Kolkata

By now, everyone must have guessed that we are forever foodies, always hungry and always spending all our earnings over food. Foodgasm, foodporn and all of that! 😀 But this […]

Best Bengali YouTubers of Gen Y (Bangladesh)

Continuing with our series of popular YouTubers of this generation, we bring for you the Best Bengali YouTubers of Bangladesh this week. They are popular, they are entertaining and their […]

Best Street Food Joints Of Kolkata

There is something in which Indians are simply unbeatable, hands down, and that is our street food. And especially, when you talk of food you think of Kolkata. Not only […]