Bengali YouTubers 2.0

This blog is the second part of our original blog about Best Bengali YouTube Sensations of Gen Y. It was immensely well received by all of you hence we are bringing the second part of that series. These famous YouTubers are successful and most importantly most of them are YouTube Silver Button achievers. Their work is very popular, they are well loved by their audience … Continue reading Bengali YouTubers 2.0

Best Bengali YouTubers of Gen Y (Bangladesh)

Continuing with our series of popular YouTubers of this generation, we bring for you the Best Bengali YouTubers of Bangladesh this week. They are popular, they are entertaining and their viewers simply love them. We asked similar questions to them just like in our previous blogpost, and they responded accordingly. So friends, get to know more about these famous YouTubers from our neighbouring country and … Continue reading Best Bengali YouTubers of Gen Y (Bangladesh)

Best Bengali YouTube Sensations of Gen Y

Alert! This post is going to be a super long post! 😛 So, we all know that YouTube is a pool of finding out about anything that you could possibly think of. And it is a great place to connect, know and enjoy things you like. With our access to various sources of Social media, more and more people are venturing into YouTube as a … Continue reading Best Bengali YouTube Sensations of Gen Y