The Bird Watchers of India

Bird Photography or Birding or Bird watching is an extremely strenuous hobby and inevitably the one thing that birding enthusiasts do not lack is patience. Patience is the key to capturing these swift and lively creatures. Because unlike the large animals, who rest and give photographers a break to capture them, these rapid creatures are easy to miss within the blink of an eye. Making … Continue reading The Bird Watchers of India

Food Bloggers of India

We are hardcore foodies and Surely there are many of you, who like us love food. So to appeal our taste buds and our gastronomic sides, we bring for you yet another batch of food Bloggers who with their captures are sure to tickle you with hunger pangs. Follow their blog for more unique ideas and mouthwatering recipes. Krishanu Chatterjee Hi. I am Krishanu Chatterjee. … Continue reading Food Bloggers of India

Kali Puja Celebration 2018 with Weekend Trivia

Kali Puja for 2018 has just ended and we are still reveling in the glory of Kali Puja and Diwali. Kali Puja is mainly restricted to the Bengali Communities around India. So, here we bring for you a few glimpses of Kali Puja Parikrama 2018. The locations of most of these are around West Bengal and Assam. Enjoy them and relieve your festive occasion memories … Continue reading Kali Puja Celebration 2018 with Weekend Trivia

GoPro! – The New Photography Sensation

GoPro is the new photography sensation which has gripped the entire fraternity of Photographers in a frenzy!. What is it? GoPro cameras are the world’s most versatile action cameras. It has its own mobile apps and video editing software. The company has a Hero series in cameras as well as from drones to apps and accessories. This camera is versatile to the point that it … Continue reading GoPro! – The New Photography Sensation