Bengali YouTubers 2.0

This blog is the second part of our original blog about Best Bengali YouTube Sensations of Gen Y. It was immensely well received by all of you hence we are bringing the second part of that series. These famous YouTubers are successful and most importantly most of them are YouTube Silver Button achievers. Their work is very popular, they are well loved by their audience … Continue reading Bengali YouTubers 2.0

Artists Who Do Wonders In Media Art

Media Art is an umbrella term for different forms of modern art. It includes – digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, illustrations, doodles and many such things. Art is no longer confined to a canvas or paper only with a lot of tools. It can be done digitally and or simply with a pen or paper. And such digital … Continue reading Artists Who Do Wonders In Media Art

Microbreweries – The Best Places to get Craft Beer in Kolkata

  India has seen a heavy influx of Microbreweries over the past few years and craft beer lovers have increased significantly. Kolkata’s beer culture hit a new high with many microbreweries opening in a span of two years. Most of the breweries are around the IT hub area of the city that is Salt Lake and Rajarhat. Microbreweries are the latest craze which has taken … Continue reading Microbreweries – The Best Places to get Craft Beer in Kolkata

Best Bengali YouTubers of Gen Y (Bangladesh)

Continuing with our series of popular YouTubers of this generation, we bring for you the Best Bengali YouTubers of Bangladesh this week. They are popular, they are entertaining and their viewers simply love them. We asked similar questions to them just like in our previous blogpost, and they responded accordingly. So friends, get to know more about these famous YouTubers from our neighbouring country and … Continue reading Best Bengali YouTubers of Gen Y (Bangladesh)